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Warhammer 40K: Kroot Hounds Revealed – Send The Dogs Out

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Feb 5 2024

There’s a massive Kroot wave coming when the T’au Codex arrives. We’ve got a look at the updated Kroot Hounds. Rules and models ahead!

You have probably seen all the new Kroot that were announced earlier this year by Games Workshop. Well during the show GW also mentioned that those previews were roughly half of the new models coming. Today we’re getting a new preview for the Kroot Hounds and they are ready to be let loose!

via Warhammer Community



Kroot Hounds Revealed

“Hunting packs of Koot Hounds are unleashed to savage exposed flanks and chase down fleeing foes, driven into a frenzy by the scent of blood. Their incredible speed can punch through enemy lines to catch vulnerable targets – especially when goaded by an attendant squad of Kroot Carnivores.”


The new miniatures are certainly an update on the older options. Furthermore, we’ve also got some rules that GW has revealed as well.

Loping Pounce is the first one. This gives the Kroot Hounds the option to Advance and still declare a charge in the same turn. According to GW that could push them up to a 30″ move! That’s faster than a lot of vehicles out there. They can use all that speed to help secure objectives thanks to the Hunting Hounds ability.

Now, you might be thinking the same thing, “Gee that’s fast — but who’s going to be in range to help with their OC?” I think that GW might have a Kroot Character model in mind based on this blurb:

“They’re even handy for capturing objectives, as the Hunting Hounds ability bumps their OC characteristic to 1 when accompanied by a Character. Now if only there were a Kroot Character who could keep up with them…”

Yeah…I think they might have something in mind for that. In anycase, you can add Kroot Hounds to the incoming Kroot wave. And there’s more where they came from, too!



The T’au and the rest of the Kroot are coming soon…



Author: Adam Harrison
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