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Age of Sigmar: AdeptiCon 2024 – New Edition Announced And Slated For Summer

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Mar 21 2024
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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is getting a new update. Skaven are coming and are making their mark on a new edition!

Let’s just kick this off with the trailer and discussion. It’s a BIG deal.

Age of Sigmar – New Edition Summer 2024

We all kinda knew this was coming but the cinematic trailer confirmed it. And what a trailer that was! Finally, we’re getting a look at the Stormcast Eternals long-term effects from the Reforging process. And we’re getting that spurred on by the MASSIVE arrival of the Skaven.

What We Know So Far

The Vermindoom is here! This event is the arrival of their subterranean realm directly into the Realm of Fire. This massive explosion has sent ripples through the rest of the realms and you can bet that more skaven are going to be popping up all over the place.

Sigmar Ruination Chamber has been opened. Immortality by way of Sigmar is a curse but it’s going to be used by the Ruination Chamber to combat this invasion. It’s going to be interesting to see how these new units will enter the game and how deadly and inhuman they will be…

The Game Is Changing

Along with the story moving forward Games Workshop is also using this as an opportunity to revamp the rules. But this isn’t just a refresh. They have started over with the Core Rules using the lessons learned from the last nine years to “reforge” the framework once again. The main focus has been on streamlining, accessibility, and modularity. However, they still wanted to keep that tactical depth that AoS offers.


In the discussion from the video they get into some of the reasoning without delving too much in to rules. But one example they gave was that melee weapon ranges are out. Now, it’s just a combat range of 3″. The idea is to make the game streamlined with less friction — but not in a way that dumbs it down and makes it bland. I’m curious to see these in action for myself!

They also got into how this is going to be rolled out. Every faction getting new rules because every faction has be touched on with this new edition. And to help folks get in games faster and still retain the flavor of the game, Spearhead is coming, too.

Spearhead is a new way to play and comes out at launch. Everything you need to play will be included as part of the roll out as well. It’s a smaller format game but that also means games will be fast (they said an hour or lunch break) and every faction supported from the core box. Command traits and artefacts still included so there is some level of customization. This sounds a lot like Combat Patrol from 40k and I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s supposed to fill a similar role.

A lot of the Core Rules to the game are more modular. To support this, GW has brought back a limited set of Universal Special Rules. That way, all the units that basically do the same thing can use the USR instead of needing a block of text per unit to do the same thing. Additionally, there are new card based objectives. These mentioned as were part of the Spearhead discussion but sound interesting as they keep you playing towards those objectives every round.


Warscroll will be available at launch and all the Dawnbringer rules will be updated for the new Edition as well. That includes the Armies of Renown and all those associated units which is great for all the factions that got updates.

There’s more coming. This is just the tip of the spear for the new edition. But get ready for a battle of Stormcast vs Skaven and a whole lot of thunder as the changes roll in!

Author: Adam Harrison
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