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Age of Sigmar: The ‘Double Turn’ Change Is Coming For The Priority Roll

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Mar 29 2024

Games Workshop has updated the Priority Roll and the impact on the Double Turn. It’s here to stay but it is going to change.

Fear not fans of the Double Turn — it’s not going anywhere. But the risk vs reward factor has changed quite a bit. Today, we’re getting a look at what’s the same, what’s changed, and why this is a great update to the iconic rule.

Age of Sigmar: Turn Priority – What’s The Same?

via Warhammer Community

So all of this should feel similar to anyone who’s played Warhammer: Age of Sigmar currently. Whichever player finishes deployment first gets to choose who gets to go first in the on the first battle round. Then, in subsequent Battle Rounds, you’ve got the priority roll. Winner gets to choose the turn order. And for Ties, the player who went first in the previous round gets to choose the turn order.

Again, this still creates the opportunity for the Double Turn. And if you don’t know what that is, a Double Turn is when you get the bottom part of one round and then the top part of the next round. Thus, you get to essentially go twice — a Double Turn — before your opponent gets to play a full turn. If you haven’t played AoS that probably sounds pretty busted and absurd. However, it’s such a good thing for the overall health of the game and makes each game round matter. It’s actually not always the best option to just take the double and it’s why competitive player at the top level really love this rule.

Age of Sigmar: Turn Priority – Double Turn Change?

So what’s changed? The Double Turn is quite a potent (and sometimes game changing) thing. GW knows this and has added a bit more risk to this “reward” for snagging a Double Turn.

“Now, in matched play battlepacks, when you choose to take a double turn, you give up your opportunity to pick a battle tactic for the turn. It’s still an incredibly powerful option – but the decision is now far from a foregone conclusion.”

This is kind of a big deal! We don’t know how the Battle Tactics will work, but they are very important in the current edition. We have a pretty good indication that your Battle Tactics for the round are going to determine the outcome. So by not having a Battle Tactic for the round, you could actually set yourself up to lose points. Is going twice in a row worth the trade? That’s the question every time it comes up! And that’s why this change is fantastic.


There’s a lot of decisions to be made and any fan of AoS will understand why this is such a big deal. The choice of the Double Turn already came with a lot of implications and the mark of a truly great player was knowing when NOT to take a Double Turn. This adds yet another layer to that and I can’t wait to see it in action.

I also wonder if you give your opponent the Double Turn do they then lose the Battle Tactic for the turn? If that’s the case you’ve really got to consider how getting the Double (or not) could mess up your overall battle plans. I can see some scenarios where giving away the double might be more beneficial for you and be quite punishing to a player that’s trying to play stand-offishly. It does say that you have to choose to take the double so maybe that’s not the case.

I’m glad to see this change and I’m looking forward to having to make this decision myself! Talk about keeping things interesting.



What do you think of this change to the Double Turn? Is the added risk a good balance for the reward?

Author: Adam Harrison
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