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An Adventurer’s Guide to Cayden Cailean, Pathfinder’s ‘Accidental God’

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Mar 30 2024

Cayden Cailean was once a sellsword who ascended to godhood after one, legendary bender. He’s Pathfinder‘s very own Drunken Hero!

Cayden Cailean is widely said to be the unlikeliest mortal to pass the Test of the Starstone and ascend to divinity. Only four mortals have ever done so. And of those four, only one has ever done it after a night of heavy drinking.

But so it is with Cayden Cailean, known throughout Absalom and beyond as the accidental god. But before he took the Test, he was known as a sellsword and freedom fighter. There, his not-so-humble beginnings garnered him a well-earned reputation.

Cayden Cailean – The Man

Cayden Cailean was, among many things, a lover of freedom. A sellsword originally hailing from Taldor, Cailean was said to believe that no man should have power over another. At times, he went so far as to leave jobs unfinished if he discovered that they violated his principles. In his fight for freedom, Cailean refused to compromise his principles, a fact that often led to him getting into trouble with his employers.

The only thing that caused him more trouble was his equally strong love of drink. And though they say that ultimately, this love of drink led to his ascension to godhood, arguably, that was the most trouble anyone could get into.

The Myths

The stories of Cayden Cailean’s legendary attempt are widely told and well-known. As the story goes, Cailean and a friend had been drinking heavily one night. After running up a massive bill, Cailean’s unnamed friend dared the man to take the Starstone Test.

Of course, that’s just one story. There are others. Another popular tale holds that Cailean was heavy in his cups one night after having his advances spurned by Calistria, goddess of Luck, personally. How he came to be in a position to make demands of Calistria in the first place, none can stay. But, facing this rejection, he was prompted to take the test.


Dozens of stories like these circulate, but all come to the same conclusion: an inebriated Cayden Cailean dared to challenge the Starstone. And three days later, to the surprise of everyone, most of all Cailean, he emerged from the Starstone Temple, a newly minted god.

The Ascended

They say divinity changes a person. But, Cayden Cailean carried on much as he ever had: doing whatever it is he felt like, fighting for causes he believed were just, and enjoying the finest drinks Golarion had to offer.

All of which led to a surprisingly robust relationship with the various other divinities of Golarion. Cailean is said to have beaten a devil with his bare hands. Or to have shared a cask of divine mead with Torag, Father of Dwarves. Legends abound of tyrants cast down, people lifted up, and drinks drained to the very last drop.

All of these make Cayden Cailean one of the most popular, if not respected gods in Golarion.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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