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AoS: A Few Skaven Goodies We Hope to See at Adepticon

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Mar 19 2024

The Under-Empire is getting reinforcements in Age of Sigmar, and the Skaven have a few kits that could use a little Warpstone Dust.

Welcome in, Generals of the Realms! Adepticon 2024 is approaching, and we’ve already seen some teases about what to expect. One of the most exciting things we know about is the Age of Sigmar 4.0 previews. While nothing has been confirmed, eagle-eyed fans can deduce what’s coming. Facing off against Sigmar’s finest will be…Skaven!

Skaven were my first fantasy army, and they remain one of my favorites. Since coming to Age of Sigmar as a fully realized army, they’ve vacillated between kind of bad and objectively terrible. However, I’ve always loved my never-say-die rat-men, and I’m hoping this will be the update for them. However, what I really want is a range refresh similar to what Seraphon got. There are a few kits in particular that desperately need a facelift. Let’s talk:

Skryre Acolytes

Starting the list off, we have a model that is not only old enough to drink but possible to draw social security. The Skyrye Acolyte kit has been unchanged since I got into the game, and they really need a redo. They are still sold as single model blisters, and their minimum unit size is 10. Skyrye is my favorite clan, and this is their bread and butter. I’m really hoping we’ll get some plastic science rats at last. Speaking of Skryre.

Weapons Teams

Dont be surprised, Clan Skryre is going to be on this list a lot. The weapons teams are in a similar state as the Acolytes, existing as single-model blisters. Thankfully, weapons teams are singular models, so their crime isn’t as heinous. Regardless, I would love to see these guys rendered in high-quality plastic, specifically the Ratling Gun. A starter box is the perfect place for a war machine inclusion, so fingers crossed.



Skryre remains on the list for one more entry with the long-barreled Jezzails. While not as bad as the Acolytes since they come three to a blister, these metal models still deserve an upgrade. It was the Jezzails that originally drew me to Skaven, so I’m hoping we’ll see some new gunners in the new box.

Plague Censer Bearers

While the age showing on Pestilens models isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the Censer Bearers deserve a bit of love. These single pose metal models are relics of a time when the Skaven looked kind of like bears, and an update is long overdue.

Which Skaven models do you want to see updated at the Adepticon 2024 big reveal?


Author: Clint Lienau
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