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D&D Accessories: Getting Natural With These Druid Goodies

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Mar 24 2024

The weather is getting nicer and the druids are getting ready to go back on adventures. They’ll need some of these tools.

The weather is beginning to get nicer, and it’s finally, officially spring. Before long everything is going to be blooming and green again. Sure, it’ll be awful for any of us with allergies, but at least it will look pretty. And between new growth and the animals coming back out, it’s a perfect time for druids. So let’s give the druid in your party a little extra love this week with some game accessories just for them.

1. Flower Dice

With the green accents and flowers inside, these dice look especially in touch with Mother Nature. Or, if your druid prefers other colors, there are a ton of dice options to choose from, including a couple of different flowers, monster eyes, seasonal themes, and color swirls. The clear resin makes these look really simple and pretty, and these dice remind me of little tiny terrariums.

2. Tree Dice Bag and Rolling Tray

You know that I love it when accessories can pull double-duty. Multitaskers are a great way to save space in your game bag while making sure you have everything you need. This leather dice bag opens up completely into a big leather circle, perfect for an on-the-go dice roller. And when you’re done, just pull the drawstring shut and bring all your diced back on the road.

3. Druid and Cleric Set

If you know somebody just getting into D&D with a need for a few of the basics, this set is really cute and thoughtful. It’s themed towards Druids and Clerics, but most of these things are pretty universal. Included are two sets of “enchanted” dice, a dice bag, a vial of “healing potion” dice, a pen, two dice pedestals- which I imagine is the opposite of dice jails- a druid and a cleric token, and a hollow magic “book” to hold it all in.

4. Druid Spell Cards

Is keeping writing down your spells and flipping back through the book every game sort of annoying? Sure, there are electronic solutions, but sometimes the simplest solution is best. This card set comes with all of your druid spells organized by class and each card has all of the same info as the book. Just pull out your prepared spells and only keep those close by so you’re not bogged down with too much at the table. And if you’re ready to swap some spells out, it’s as easy as trading cards back into the deck.

5. Druid Character Journal

If you’re an RPG player who takes notes, character journals can be invaluable. Complete with designated character sheet pages, backstory pages, and places to jot down your inventory, spells, and all of your game notes, there’s room for everything. There’s even grid paper if you have a map to keep track of.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to plant new trees for our druid… or else.

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