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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Vlaakith

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Mar 24 2024

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you may run afoul of Vlaakith CLVII is the jealous, paranoid lich queen of the Githyanki. But just who is she?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll run into the Githyanki of both Creche Y’llek and Creche K’liir in your quest to deal with the zany hijinks of the Absolute. At the heart of the Githyanki that you’ll deal with, lurks the lich queen, Vlaakith. She is not the first to hold the name, but she intends to be the last. Come discover the tyrant who has taken command of the Githyanki.

Not many people can claim to be so feared that even the red dragons pressed into their service by a magical scepter would remain loyal even if the magical dragon-controlling item was destroyed. But Vlaakith CLVII, lich queen of the Githyanki, commands all through fear and reverence. As her loyal knights would often proclaim: “to slay in her name is our greatest service.”

But how does one being command such absolute authority? It all started centuries ago in the timeless void of the Astral Plane. Vlaakith CLVII, like Vlaakith CLVI before her, shares a name going all the way back to the origins of the Githyanki. Vlaakith I, the original, was the first Githyanki ruler to rise after the disappearance of Gith, who led the uprising against the Illithid.

Of course, the disappearance of Gith is tied inextricably to the rise of Vlaakith. For Vlaakith I arranged for Gith to remain in the service of Tiamat,, while Vlaakith I forged a pact between the Githyanki and their favored mounts. In time, with Gith languishing away in the Nine Hells, a new order rose up among the Githyanki. And into this order came Vlaakith CLVII, who set her sights on immortality and power. She proved worthy of her name by ascending to lichdom and establishing a nigh-eternal regime among the Githyanki.

With the psionic abilities of a Githyanki and all the arcane power necessary to not only become a lich but survive throughout centuries of challenge, Vlaakith CLVII grew a reputation for herself across the multiverse. Especially skilled in necromancy and transmutation, Vlaakith CLVII would often devour the souls of her enemies–or those who grew to be too strong within Githyanki society.

With a dedication to knowledge of all kinds, Vlaakith CLVII eventually came upon a plan to leave behind even her undying life, instead setting her sights on godhood. Over the span of decades, she gradually established a heretofore unknown priest caste in Githyanki society, along with the tyrannical oppression of all those who opposed such a move.

All this is to prepare the Githyanki to worship her as a deity. A move that has had…mixed results. While she has yet to become anything approaching divine, she still rules over the Githyanki absolutely.

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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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