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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘The Grim Drill’

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Mar 26 2024

The Games Workshop Rumor Engine is back to showing off weapons for this month and this time they are going with a drill.

It’s time for the Rumor Engine to taunt us once more with an image. At the start of March, the Rumor Engine crew teased that they would be showcasing weapons. Now, on this Tuesday, we’ve got a new one to mull over. It’s a drill! That much we can tell. Have a look for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“Well, uh, it’s probably quite safe to say it’s from the 41st Millennium, at least – the Mortal Realms haven’t quite got to the level of jamming mechanical eye lenses into skulls yet. As far as we know. “

Rumor Engine ‘The Grim Drill’

My immediate gut reaction is Servo-skull. They have a history of models with all kinds of wierd little do-dads on them. I do see a skull up there, and what looks like a cable, and it’s trademarked optics in one socket.


However, servo skulls lead us to our next suspect, the makers of the servo-skulls – the Adeptus Mechanicus. The leaders of the Mechanicus are known for all kinds of exotic techno-appendages in inapproripriate places. It could easily be part of a new upcoming character with a litle eye-drill to make interrogations go more quickly.


But you know, this also has me thinking of all the funky heads you see on Imperial Assassins. They also have a love of skull helms, and funky head appendages. If a new Imperial Agents codex is headed our way, a new Assassin mini would fit the profile. Before you dismiss it, remember that on the 30K side of things, it’s been raining new Assassin minis. Maybe some of those will make their way into the 40th Millennia.

So this is where we are now — full of educated guesses needing moredata. If you’ve got any guesses, we’d love to see them in the comments. This is a intrigueing one for sure. While it is a drill, or maybe a horn, we don’t know exactly what’s made of, and we can’t se enough of the holder. Let the mystery commence!



Whoever is weilding it, I’m sure it’s not being used for construction in the grimdark.

Author: Larry Vela
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