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‘Kobolds Ate My Baby’ and ‘MORK BORG’ Crossover in ‘SMORKAS BORG’

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Mar 27 2024

SMÖRKAS BORG is the crossover you didn’t know wanted: the manic glee of Kobolds Ate My Baby amid the Apocalypse of MÖRK BORG.

As unlikely a crossover as the Muppets escaping from New York after they took Manhattan, 9th Level Games blends the chaotic, “beer & pretzels roleplaying” of Kobold’s Ate My Baby with the dark, brutal aesthetic of MÖRK BORGIt’s not a chocolate/peanut butter situation, is what we’re saying. But these two tastes may make a greater whole.

If you are unaware of Kobolds Ate My Baby, congratulations, now you are. This is a game of Kobolds, whose lives are silly, brutal, and short. The game claims it’s all about sending kobold after kobold on a hapless quest to bring back a tasty treat. But it’s really about getting people to say “ALL HAIL KING TORG” any time you say the words King and Torg. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re at a gaming convention, shout it out in the common play area, you’ll see what I mean.

Meanwhile, MÖRK BORG is a brutally aesthetic game about adventuring in the end of the world. You are an adventurer who is metal AF, as outlined in the extremely vibes-and-coffee-table-friendly look of the book itself. These two come together in SMÖRKAS BORG, which is hitting stores this week from 9th-level games.

SMÖRKAS BORG – Kobolds Ate My Baby in the Apocalypse

Kobolds are fearless (and hungry). But in the deepest and darkest depths of the cave, the less stupid prophets of vore speak of the coming of the end. The end of the road, one for the ditch! Eventually, someone has to pay the bill for this endless buffet that kobolds call life.

On that day, all the food will be gone, and the only thing left to eat will be KOBOLD.

Ye tiny ragnarok.

The amouse bouche of apocalypses.

Oh armageddon entree.

Cry, culinary cataclysm.


De Smörkås Borg cometh.

All hail King Törg!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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