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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Swing Into Action With New Spider-Friends & Foes Up For Pre-Order Now

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Mar 22 2024

Four members of the Sinister Six, Scarlet Spider, and Gwenom are all up for pre-orders now for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

The latest wave of Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures are already up for pre-order. They won’t be released until May but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your FLGS on notice that you’d like to get your hands on them. Or you can order direct from Asmodee — either way, it’s a good time to be a fan of the Spider-fam. The rest of the Sinister Six are arriving via a new character pack. So are Scarlet Spider and Gwenom!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Electro & Sandman & Shocker & Vulture $79.99

“A sinister lineup of villains enters Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this pack! As some of Spider-Man’s most noteworthy foes, Electro, Sandman, Vulture, and Shocker give players even more options when building their Spider-Foes and Criminal Syndicate squads. Supplementing these characters are Sandman’s two Sand Constructs that act as Grunts on the battlefield. In addition to miniatures and Stat Cards for each character, players will also find 6 Team Tactic cards that give them even more ways to accomplish their nefarious schemes. “

Order From Asmodee Here


Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Gwenom & Scarlet Spider $39.99


“Two alternate versions of prominent characters make their Marvel: Crisis Protocol debut in this new pack! On Earth-616 Gwen Stacy is dead. But on Earth-65, it is Peter Parker who has died and Gwen Stacy who lives life as a masked hero. Accepting a bond with the Venom symbiote and the power that if offers, she sets off on a quest to right the wrongs of her home universe. Gwenom is joined by Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker made to be a weapon. Known as the Scarlet Spider, he is determined to prove that he is a hero in his own right. On the tabletop, these characters enhance the Web Warriors affiliation with their inherent web-swinging skills and three Team Tactic cards. “

Order from Asmodee Here

Personally I’m pretty excited to see the Sinister Six getting released as a “Affiliation.” We got our first teaser with the new Doc Ock. And sure, the Affiliation is technically “Spider-Foes” but c’mon. Sinister Six all the way!


Note: Doc Ock is from the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set and not included in these two pre-orders.

I’m also glad to see Scarlet Spider showing up on the scene. Ben Reilly might be a clone of Peter Parker but he still a hero nonetheless. I just hope MCP doesn’t get into the whole Clone Saga though…dark times. Dark and confusing times.

Put in an order with your FLGS for these new packs and let them know you want a set!

Author: Adam Harrison
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