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‘Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection’ is More ‘Attack of the Clones’ Than ‘Revenge of the Sith’

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Mar 14 2024

The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launched today to mostly negative reviews as bugs, crashes, and a shortage of servers plague the game.

Remastered games that people loved back when there was still good in the world are all the rage these days. But rage, indeed, seems to be the order of the day, as the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection’s launch rolls out with a reception quite unlike the death of democracy, there’s no thunderous applause to be heard anywhere. Instead, Aspyr has found themselves receiving a mostly negative rating on Steam as players struggle to connect to and play the game.

This despite the considerable hype and goodwill waiting for it. Because Star Wars Battlefront was once one of the most well-regarded Battlefronts out there. With its 64-player matches full of blazing blasters and epic characters whom would spend the whole match killing you, but when you unlocked one you’d die immediately.

You know, video game stuff. Only now, it seems, the launch is plagued with issues that some would consider… unnatural.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection – Not Yet Fully Armed and Operational

There are a number of complaints in store. One need only check the Steam Reviews to find a laundry list of issues, ranging from players being unable to connect to servers, to the lucky few who manage that feat being unable to spawn into the world once they’re logged in.

Now, games having server troubles at launch are par for the course these days. You’d be hard-pressed to name a single game that hasn’t been plagued by launch day troubles. Even the ones that “release in Early Access” still have troubles. Arguably they have twice the troubles since they have two launch days to deal with.

But with Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, the issues seem to be compounded by more than just real life doing what it always does. Alongside a shortage of servers for the player base, an issue that seems to have sorted itself out, there are still many complaints, including stuttering issues, crashes, and the inability to spawn in the world once you make it into a server.


There are still many hopeful players, but for right now, the game seems to have been released a little early, like a batch of clones who haven’t quite managed to finish their training exercises being booted out onto the battlefield.

Hopefully, the servers get fixed soon, but in the meantime, maybe wait to see what the future holds!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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