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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Greef Karga And IG-11 Rules Bring The Bounty Hunters To Your Roster

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Mar 9 2024

The Mandalorian made allies out of these two characters and now they are joining him in the new Certified Guild Squad Pack.

We’re taking a closer look at the rules for Greef Karga and IG-11 courtesy of Atomic Mass Games. These new characters make up a Secondary and Supporting unit respectively. They are going to be joining the Mandalorian Din Djarin on the tabletop so it’s time to get acquainted with what they can do.

Greef Karga

Greef Karga was portrayed by the icon Carl Weathers (RIP). There’s not much else to say that hasn’t already been said about that but I felt like it needs to be acknowledged before we continue on. I know that this character isn’t him but, as the actor that brought him to the screen, Carl Weathers and Greef Karga will always be tied together. He will be missed. So with that sadness acknowledged we’re going to take about his game rules. Forgive me if I don’t have a witty transition here.

via Atomic Mass Games

“Greef Karga worked originally as an expediter for the Guild on Nevarro, being a middle-man who would link up Bounty Hunters with their paying clients. In this capacity he got right in the middle of the Mandalorian’s botched job involving the acquisition of Grogu, and would eventually assist Din Djarin in surviving this mess, later going on to rise to the role of magistrate and proving to be a loyal friend and ally.”

He might not typically go out on the hunt, Greef Karga is “no simple pencil-pusher” — you don’t really get to be that if you’re a member of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Before his role as an expeditor, Karga was known to get his hands plenty dirty and jump into the action himself. That said, you can see from his abilities above that he is quite handy to have around if you’re packing a lot of Bounty Hunter characters. He’s granting a heal, a dash, some extra attacks, and even some help with the overall objective.


While he might not quite as active on the Bounty Hunting scene as he used to be don’t underestimate him either. He can still pack a punch in both ranged and melee although his dice pool isn’t anything to blow your mind with. Still, he’s got some decent options as you go down the attack tree and he can even help to make foes exposed or disarmed, too.

IG-11, Assassin Droid

“The deadly Assassin Droid IG-11 would find himself on a messier course to assisting the Mandalorian after enduring heavy damage that left his loyalties and purpose confused and vulnerable to being overwritten. These droids possess not only an impressive arsenal of firepower but also last-ditch fail-safes designed to take down their enemies with them, should they be defeated or at risk of capture.”


Constantly on the hunt, IG-11 will attempt to carry out his mission often with extreme prejudice. He can remove one condition from itself during an activation and also gets bonus attacks (and attack die) when going after enemies near objectives. Also, if things are looking rather bleak, IG-11 can detonate and cause some serious damage to anyone caught in the blast radius.

IG-11 also packs more dice in his attacks for both ranged and melee. That said he’s really more of a marksmen than martial artist. His chart is rather straightforward and effective — there’s lots of damage to trigger, exposes, shoves, and even a few ways to reposition him, too.

These two scoundrels are joining Mando Star Wars: Shatterpoint with the Certified Guild Squad Pack which is currently up for pre-order. It will be arriving in April of 2024.


You don’t become a “pencil-pusher” in the Bounty Hunters Guild without learning a thing or two…


Author: Adam Harrison
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