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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – The Mandalorian Rules Preview Proves This Is The Way

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Mar 22 2024

It’s The Mandalorian and Grogu as the first Primary Unit that’s two characters in one for Star Wars: Shatterpoint!

There’s a reason the Mandalorian armor is so icon. And there’s another reason they keep their helmets on. But we’re not here to talk about that today. Instead, we’re going to focus on the new rules for the now iconic duo of Din Djarin and Gorgu in Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

via Atomic Mass Games

“This pair represents one of the strangest team-ups in Galactic memory, one that proves the powerful bonds forged when lives are on the line. Before meeting Grogu, Din Djarin had earned a name for himself as an implacable bounty hunter, a profession not uncommon among the survivors of Mandalore. Raised in a more orthodox and traditional sect of his people, he lives by a strict religious code which includes keeping his face hidden from others. “

The Mandalorian


Kicking things off is The Mandalorian’s A Clan of Two ability. This allows him to dash around and possibly follow that up with either a push (from Grogu’s Force abilities) or a possible 5 die attack. Obviously, he also pairs best with other Bounty Hunters, Mandalorians, or Scoundrels as he shown by This Is The Way. Those heals are nice and the removal of conditions is always helpful.

He’s also quite Fearless and Inventive. This is a nice boost of attack dice when you’re really in the thick of things with this unit. To top it off, he’s leaning on Grogu for Do The Magic Hand Thing to make an opponent suffer for attacking at range.


When it comes to attack trees you’ve really got two options: Warm or Cold. That’s how the Mandalorian will bring you in — alive or dead! Bring You In Warm is a geared a bit more towards melee but it’s the more flexible of the two trees. It’s got more options to Dash, Pin, Disarm, and Strain a target. But if you need to be ruthless and take a target out quickly and from a safe distance then Bring You In Cold might be the better option.

With quick damage packed in the stance along with range 5 and another range attack die, it’s a mean stance for sure! It’s still got some tricks to be sure but that Amban Sniper Rifle isn’t playing around. Once Mando has you in his sights you’re in for a real bad time.

The Mandalorian can be hired in the upcoming Certified Guild Squad Pack up for pre-order now. You don’t want to mess with this wolf and his cub.



Author: Adam Harrison
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