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Turn Your VTT Maps Into IRL Maps with ‘Master of Realms’ and More From Kickstarter

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Mar 18 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Relicblade: Cursebreaker


What if you had a wargame where you had to think and plan on the fly? Where players couldn’t just come into the game with a prebuilt strategy they use over and over? Well, then you might have Cursebreaker. It’s a wargame where players roll for their spells at the start of each round, which rewards players with agile thinking.

Cursebreaker is an all new, stand alone game set in the world of Relicblade. Players enter the Shattered Lands as powerful magicians in search of greatness. As you cross the threshold into those cursed lands, the laws of reality are warped beyond recognition. A completely new rule-set governs reality as you and your rivals contend with feral magic.

ZWEIHANDER RPG Reforged Edition


Delve into the dark and gothic world of Zweihander, a d100 RPG that offers the same sort of gameplay as D&D or Pathfinder, but with more character options, more dynamic and tactical, crunchy combat, with a darker more dramatic tone throughout.

Familiar with Dungeons & Dragons 5e? You’ll find combat to be more dynamic, with more choices available to players turn-by-turn. More character customization options out the gate, and a system that relishes in both consequences for failure and promotes good roleplay with meaningful incentives. Naps don’t heal stab wounds in our game.

What about Warhammer Fantasy? That’s where our roots are, and even though we’ve moved a lot of the mechanics into new territory, the atmosphere will be very similar, with plenty of nods to one of the greatest games ever made.

Master of Realms


Every RPG player dreams of being fully immersed in their world, with detailed 3D maps. There are plenty of those already, sure. But what makes Master of Realms exciting is the 3D Print export. Turn your VTT maps into TT maps!

Dive into the art of map creation with Master of Realms, a dynamic map-making suite for RPG enthusiasts and storytellers. Choose your tiles, sketch out your land, and watch as our platform weaves together exquisite maps for print or digital play. Whether you’re plotting a 2D adventure or crafting a 3D landscape, or enriching your favorite VTT platform, Master of Realms bridges the gap between imagination and reality, offering endless possibilities to shape your tales.

Adventure is Nigh – The Card Game


From the people who brought you my favorite dungeon crawling board game, Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, comes a card game based on the YouTube D&D campaign. It’s built on the (not Tales) Red Dragon Inn game engine, letting you mix and match characters from either game!

Adventure is Nigh – The Card Game is a new card game for 2-4 players featuring the familiar characters from the Adventure is Nigh YouTube series. After another wild adventure it’s time you kicked back with your buddies for a party at your favorite nightclub. Brawl, gamble and drink your way through the night as a unique character with its own deck, traits and mechanics. The last adventurer standing wins!


War-Ganizer 3.0

You put hours into painting your army. You can’t just throw them into a shoebox to take them to your game store tournament. That’s what a degenerate would do. Don’t be a degenerate. 3D print your own carrying box with different colors and styles to match your army. Carry in style.

War-Ganizer is a Universal and backwards compatible system. All War-Ganizer Trays fit in all the carriers and rack systems. With a constantly growing catalogue of trays for all your tabletop games. No need to make new trays for your new carrier. All your pre existing War-Ganizer Trays will fit in the 3.0 and future War-Ganizer components.

Author: Matt Sall
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