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Warhammer 40K Lore: The Great Companies of the Space Wolves

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Mar 30 2024

These vikings share a bit more with King Arthur than you might expect – check out the Great Companies of the Space Wolves!

Loremasters, The Space Wolves have 12 active great companies (and a 13th one we don’t talk about) and today we’re looking at them and their leader today.

The Champions of Fenris – Company of the Great Wolf

The Champions of Fenris are fanatically loyal to their leader Logan Grimnar. Each warrior is extremely proud of his link to the supreme lord of the Chapter, and constantly vies with his peers for their masters favour. Logan Grimnar firmly believes that a battle can be carried by a few heroes in the right place at the right time, and as such makes effective use of the many Wolf Guard in his Great Company.

Great Wolf – Logan Grimnar

The Bloodmaws – Bran Redmaw’s Company

The symbol of the Bloodmaws is the bloodied Hunter, for their commander Bran Redmaw loves nothing more than to hunt under a full moon. The savagery of his company is legend. Some say the Curse of the Wulfen runs deep within their ranks, for their enemies are often found torn to pieces. Yet these warriors are also cunning – Bran’s numerous Grey Hunters will often lie in wait to the foe’s rear after the fury of his frontal attack forces their retreat.

Wolf Lord – Bran Redmaw


The Seawolves – Engir Krakendoom’s Company

Chosen from the kraken-hunting islanders of southern Fenris, Seawolves men are dark of skin and temperament. They go to war embarked upon armored transports and airborne assault craft adorned with shields, their Swiftclaw outriders ensuring they reach the foe as an unstoppable tide.

Wolf Lord – Engir Krakendoom



The Sons of Morkai – Erik Morkai’s Company

The Company is named the Fenrisian Deity and its current Wolf Lord Erik Morkai has always been grim and stern of aspect. His company has many Wolf Scouts, fellow veterans who appreciate their master’s taciturn demeanor and no-nonsense approach.

Wolf Lord – Erik Morkai


Red Moons – Gunnar Red Moon’s Company

The Wolf of the Red Moon is a skeletal beast that prowls the seven hells in Fenrisian myth, devouring the bodies of the unworthy and yet never growing fat. The Company favors the use of Long Fang and Aggressor Squads.


Wolf Lord – Gunnar Red Moon


The Deathwolves – Harald Deathwolf’s Company

The Deathwolves symbol is the Ravening Jaw, symbolized by a wolf eating a star. The Ravening Jaw in Fenrisian mythology symbolizes the Wolftime, when Morkai will eat the sun and the stars and shroud Fenris in an eternal night. The Great Company is known for its large amount of lupine beasts, be they biological or cybernetic.

Wolf Lord – Harald Deathwolf

The Stormwolves – Bjorn Stormwolf’s Company


When the Stormwolves go to war, they field many heavy weapons, bikes and Vindicators, for they rejoice in the din of battle more than any other Company.

Wolf Lord – Bjorn Stormwolf

The Ironwolves – Egil Iron Wolf’s Company

The Great Company specializes in heavily armored assaults and maneuver tank warfare.

The chosen symbol of the Ironwolves is the Iron Wolf. The Iron Wolf in Fenrisian mythology lies dormant beneath Asaheim; a wolf so massive that the mountains represent the individual hairs on his back and the seams of metal his veins. Those who bear the saga of the Iron Wolf are able to rile machine spirits into frenzy. Goading a growling engine of a vehicle can get more speed and distance from it. The machine empathy the bearer of such a saga has can also help it in healing systems and can help in battlefield repairs.

Wolf Lord – Vorek Gnarlfist

The Drakeslayers – Krom Dragongaze’s Company


The Drakeslayers are one of the twelve active Great Companies of the Space Wolves. It is currently commanded by Krom Dragongaze

Wolf Lord – Krom Dragongaze

The Blackmanes – Ragnar Blackmane’s Company

The Blackmanes are often granted the honor of leading a planetary invasion, seeding a world with packs of Reivers and Drop Pod assaults.

Wolf Lord – Ragnar Blackmane

The Firehowlers – Sven Bloodhowl’s Company

The company specializes in close combat tactics, and legend says that their Wolf LordSven Bloodhowl, and his vanguard breathe fire into their enemies’ ranks as they advance. The Firehowlers tattoo themselves with Sven Bloodhowl’s volcanic icon, the Fire Breather, alongside runes and scenes from their own sagas.

Wolf Lord – Sven Bloodhowl

The Grimbloods – Kjarl Grimblood’s Company

The Grimbloods bare the mark of the Fire Wolf. In Fenrisian myth, the Fire Wolf burns hot without being consumed. Thus does the Great Company under Kjarl Grimblood use many flamer weapons; they even have access to twelve Land Raider Redeemers. As a result, their Grey Hunters have a special rite of passage – once a Grey Hunter has killed his prey with flame, he has earned the right to paint his face with blood before each battle.

Wolf Lord – Kjarl Grimblood

The Thirteenth Company

Dekk-Tra, the 13th Great Company, was one of the original Great Companies of the Space Wolves Legion of the Adeptus Astartes. Known as Wulfenkind, or the Wolf Brother, they disappeared during the Horus Heresy, only to re-emerge from the Eye of Terror during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.


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Which Great Company is your favorite?

Author: Adam Harrison
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