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Warhammer Next Week: Kill Team Nightmare and Warcry Pyre

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Mar 31 2024

Next week’s preorders bring a new Kill Team: Nightmare, and new Warcry Warbands to your tabletop.

Things are heating up for the high stakes skirmishes of the grim, dark, and distant future. Kill Team gets a new expansion next week with the pre-order release of Kill Team: Nightmare, which gathers together two of everyone’s favorite evil batman-inspired villains. The terror loving Night Lords square of against the torture loving Mandrakes, and everyone’s got skin in the game, their’s and someone else’s.

Meanwhile, in the Mortal Realms, the warbands of Warcry get reinforced in a big way with some new warbands, as well as the individual release of warbands previously only available in their own boxed sets. All this awaits in next week’s pre-orders!

Kill Team Nightmare

First things first, Kill Team Nightmare, as apt a name for a boxed set as ever there was. Nightmare features two of the most nightmarish forces in the galaxy: the fallen Night Lords, whose heretical Nemesis Claws use their rapid mobility to get in and out of bloody, close combat, often wearing the skin of their victims.

And facing them are the Drukhari Mandrakes, whose dimension-hopping prowess lets them get in close with their wickedly sharp blades to flense and wear the flesh of those they kill in their sadistic glee.

Probably as best to stay far away from either of these as possible. And it doesn’t get much further away than the Mortal Realms.


Warcry: Pyre and Flood

Meanwhile in the Pyre and Flood boxed set for Warcry, the battle for the Gnarlwood unfolds, pitting the Nighthaunts against the Lumineth as the Gnarlwood threatens to burn.

On the one hand are the green-flame adorned Pyregheists of the Nighthaunts, whose fiery forms spread Nagash’s eldritch flame.


Defending the Gnarlwood are the Ydrilan Riverblades of the Lumineth. These aelementors protect waterways across the Realms.

Two other warbands, previous only available as part of Warcry boxed sets are now available individually. So if there’s a warband you’ve been keeping an eye on, now’s your chance to snap ’em up.

Starting off with the Wildercorps Hunters, who range with their brave, fierce hunting dogs.

Then there’s the Gorger Mawpack, who prove that Destruction’s hunger knows no bounds.


And these all come with new terrain: the Ravaged Lands sets. These two sets, pictured above and below, feature the varying terrain of the Gnarlwood: the twisting gnarloaks and rope bridges that have covered over the ruins of long-lost Seraphon devices.

All this awaits you next week!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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