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Age of Sigmar: New Liberators Unify The Stormcast Eternals Look

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Apr 2 2024

Games Workshop is releasing updated Liberators, the classic Stormcast Eternals unit, with a new look that unifies their ranks.

What do you get when you combine the classic shields and warhammer of the Liberators with the sleek new(er) thunderstrike armour? Well, you get the new Liberators from GW:


via Warhammer Community

“This new Liberator wears the sleek thunderstrike armour first seen on the spear-wielding Vindictors from the Dominion box. First crafted by the smith-god Grungni to help Stormcast souls punch through the Cursed Skies conjured by Be’lakor, more and more of Sigmar’s warriors have been Reforged with this mighty armour as fighting across the realms intensifies. “




These new Liberators really do combine the old school warhammer and shields from the first generation Stormcast Eternals with the latest generation of Vindictors-style thunderstrike armour. Honestly, I kinda like the new look more than the previous version. I do appreciate that the new Liberators bridge that gap between the first generation and the current generation. If you’re wanting to update your army so all your Stormcast look even more alike but you want to use Liberators, well, now you can!

From the looks of things you’re not going to need to replace your older Liberator models by any means. They are functionally the same and on the same size bases. That said, I would be interested to see if the new look is going to have any rules impacts in the new edition. I could see GW going either way on that front.

These new Liberators aren’t the only new thing coming to the Stormcast Eternals either. Keep in mind that they aren’t from the newly opened Ruination Chamber. That means Sigmar has got a few more units he’s keeping in reserve still…


There’s plenty more on the way for the Stormcast Eternals. Ruination is coming…


What do you think of the Liberator’s update for the new edition?

Author: Adam Harrison
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