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AoS: Out of the Stormvaults – Five Things I Want to See in the New Edition

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Apr 2 2024
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New Age of Sigmar editions don’t always mean new toys, but I can still make my wishlist and hope Sigmar reads it.

Welcome, Generals of the Realms! A brand new edition of Age of Sigmar will be upon us in May, and it’s already shaking things up. We know that the Skaven (my boys!!) are getting some love at last and that the Sigmarines are getting a new chapt-I mean, Stormhost.

All jokes aside, the new Stormcast sound amazing, and I can’t wait to see what crawls out of the Under-Empire. But what else might we see in the new edition? Since we’re starting from scratch, we could pull some new friends from the deep lore, right?

Fire-Aligned Lumineth

Thanks to the recent Warcry previews, we now have Earth, Wind, and Water-aligned Aelementari. However, we still haven’t seen the Fire Elves nor their apparent leader Tyrion. I would love for a release that showcases Tyrion’s legion and the fire or sun-aligned Lumineth warriors.

More Dragons

This is a big one for me. I know that the dragons have been hunted to extinction and have only recently returned, but they were SO prolific in Fantasy. I would love to see the factions that don’t already have a dragon-adjacent critter get something to balance the scales. Mostly, I just want the return of the Chaos Dragon, but I understand that might be a big ask. There just seems to be a lot more space for flying lizards in other factions.

Rogue Undead

Thanks to the exploits of the Black Library vampires, we know that not all the undead are content to labor under Nagash’s rule. There are rogue vampires, errant ghosts, and perhaps even an Ossiarch or two that don’t follow trust the Lord of Death. I would love a Death faction that has NOTHING to do with Nagash, or maybe an Order faction of dispossessed undead fighting for Sigmar (or for coin/blood).

Proper Wood Elves

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Sylvaneth. Angry tree spirits, giant bugs, and the fury of Life and the forest unleashed checks all the boxes. However, I do miss the days of ranks of pinpoint archers that dip and weave from tree to tree. These master ambushers deserve to make their way back to the table as a proper faction, not just an afterthought in the CoS book. Besides, then we can bring back the gorgeous Forest Dragons. But these aren’t the only elves I want…


I’LL STOP WHEN I GET IT, GW!!!!! Seriously, now is the perfect time to bring these guys into the game, especially in a box against Fire Lumineth. We know that Tyrion is pushing the borders of Ulgu and that Malerion is getting annoyed, so bring him out! Let them fight, and let the dice sort them out!

What do you want to see in the new edition?


Author: Clint Lienau
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