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‘Carcassonne’, the Gold Standard For Board Games, is Nearly 50% Off!

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Apr 1 2024

The Mona Lisa. Gone With The Wind. Beethoven’s 5th. Carcassonne. You get it.

Maybe I’m biased, but I feel strongly that Carcassonne sits right alongside games like Catan. They both will get brought up in every conversation about the most influential board games ever. Regardless of whatever that might even mean, there’s no questioning the love and admiration gamers have for this tile-laying staple.

I mean, it literally created the term meeple. So, that’s gotta count for something.

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Carcassonne Overview

In Carcassonne, players take turns adding tiles to the map, expanding it with fields, roads, city walls, villages, monasteries, and more, depending on which expansions you have. Once a player places their tile, they have the option of placing one of their meeples on one of those terrain features of the tile they just placed.

There’s a rudeness to this.

Each time a meeple is placed, that player checks for any points earned. Most often, the player scores points based on the number of tiles that make up the terrain feature of that meeple. Then, they return that meeple to their supply. Once the final tile is placed, the game ends and whoever has the most points wins!

Risk vs Rewarding Gameplay

The strategy of Carcassonne comes from knowing which features to claim for scoring. Knowing when and where to place your meeples is literally the whole game. Drop a meeple in the wrong spot, and it could be stuck in limbo, not scoring any points for the whole game! But going for the overly safe plays will mean you’re likely to miss out on potentially huge but risky scores.

Carcassonne is currently on sale for nearly 50% off. But the 20th Anniversary Edition (available here) has updated visuals and enhanced gameplay to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Carcassonne. It’s also fully compatible with all existing expansions, so it’s an easy upgrade to the look and feel of this tile-laying classic.

But for those that favor function over form…

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Author: Matt Sall
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