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‘Cyberpunk RED’ and ‘VA-11 HALL-1’ Crossover In New, Free RPG Supplement

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Apr 1 2024

Cyberpunk RED gets a new, free “DLC” this month as R. Talsorian Games releases a crossover with VA-11 HALL-A, the cyberpunk bartending game.

It may be April 1st, but this new, free release from R. Talsorian is no joke. Earlier today, the Cyberpunk RED publisher released Mixing Drinks-Changing Lives, a20 page supplement that brings elements of the cyberpunk bartending game, VA-11 HALL-A, into the world of Night City.

VA-11 HALL-A, if you’re unfamiliar, is an indie visual novel where you play a bartender in a bar frequented by the types of people you might find in the pages of Cyberpunk RED, up to all sorts of dystopian cyberpunk adventures. And if that sounds amazing, it is. It’s a delightful visual novel that lends itself almost seamlessly to Cyberpunk RED.

Cyberpunk RED – Mixing Drinks-Changing Lives

Mixing Drinks-Changing Lives brings VA-11 HALL-A to Night City in the most cyberpunk of fashions: corporate franchising. A new VA-11 HALL-A opens up in Night City thanks to a deal with Hammered Industries, one of Night City’s many megacorps, whose lore gets expanded in the supplement. You’ll learn how they rose up out of the ashes of the 4th Corporate War and came to dominate the alcohol industry during the time of the RED.

You’ll also find profiles for many of the game’s more memorable characters, including Jill  Stingray, Dorothy Haze, Titty Hacker, Bougie Cat, and more. Each with an expanded bio that locates them firmly in Night City.

The supplement also includes new pieces of cyberware, including the Animal Behavior Chip, Exxtreme Biosculpting, and, of course, a Cyberliver so you can handle all the alcohol you’ll be imbibing. There’s also an extensive “Drinktionary” with many of the game’s cocktails detailed, so you know exactly what your character is drinking instead of just “one alcohol, please.”

R. Talsorian and VA-11 HALL-A developer Sukeban Games are excited about the collaboration. On its blog, Sukeban explained how the whole process came about, including negotiating the tricky canon of both worlds:

Paperwork is a messy thing, if we had to make things proper canon to each other’s settings that would be a massive headache, at the very least it’s not the sort of thing you leave to just a simple supplement like this one.

As it stands this is just two companies that think what the other did was mad cool and decided to have fun together. You might also be asking yourself “How did this happen? What steps had to happen for this to occur?”

They asked. That’s it, they asked and we said “Hell yeah!”


Night City awaits, chooms.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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