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D&D Accessories: April Showers Bring May Flower (Dice)

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Apr 21 2024

Sometimes your character requires a soft, pretty, naturey flower dice for good luck. If you’re playing that character, these are their dice.

There are countless sets of dice out there, and every set is right for a different player or character. Now that we’re squarely in spring, it’s been rainy, my car has been constantly covered in pollen no matter how many times I wash it, and the flowers in the yard are blooming very nicely. Personally, I have a black thumb, so I just ignore the greenery and let it do its thing. Luckily we bought this house from some sort of garden witch. Are you or your current D&D character enjoying the new spring bloomage? Because if you are, these springtime flower dice are perfect for you.

1. Tropical Dice

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but something about these dice feel so tropical and warm. It may be the soft blue base reminding me of the beach, or the bright colored flowers. But whatever it is, these dice remind me of being on vacation.

2. Metal Flowers

This set of dice swings hard in the other direction. Instead of feeling like a relaxing walk on the beach, they feel sort of like a threat. The metal dice are shaped to look very much like flowers. But they’re also heavy and sharp and definitely look like metal dice. They’re just a bit threatening despite being flowers. It’s a very specific vibe, but it’s probably perfect for at least a few of your characters.

3. Mushroom Dice

Ok so they’re not flowers, but they pop up after it rains, and I think they’re neat. Plus, it’s been long enough that we’re over The Last of Us, right? Mushrooms aren’t entirely traumatizing anymore? Excellent. If you or your character are more of a ‘cool fungus’ nature lover than a ‘pretty flowers’ nature lover, these mushroom dice are the ones for you.

4. Metal Forest Dice

Another set of metal dice, these feel more forest than flower to me, and I sort of love that. The designs are very leafy and swirl around like vines, while the green on gold letting reminds me very much of spring and summer leaves. A little less feminine and flowery than some of our other picks, while still giving that nature and growth vibe.

5. Half & Half Flowers

Something about these dice immediately caught my eye. The cherry blossom design is simple, but the soft colors and very clean indented flowers are very pretty in a way that feels fancy but also for everyday use. The entire set of seven has a similar layout and pattern and are all beautiful. And being metal dice, they have a really nice bit of heft and weight when you roll them.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to buy raw meat to feed to our carnivorous plant from outer space. If we don’t feed him, he’ll turn on us.

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