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Explore the ‘Sixth Realm’ in This Heavy Engine-Builder Euro and More Kickstarter Highlights

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Apr 29 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Shadows of Esteren – A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg 2

As I’ve played more RPGs over the last several years, I’ve finally realized the sort of campaign I like the most are the ones driven primarily by narrative and opts for lighter on the rules to allow more flexibility on what the players are capable of, even if it means it’s not “balanced”.

Shadows of Esteren is the most awarded TTRPG out of France and has that exact focus of heavy on roleplay, light on rules. Top that with a studding visual style with a gothic fantasy flair and I’m sold all in.

We are a creative studio and our purpose is to nurture connections between humans. We believe that tabletop role-playing game is one of the most modern and relevant media to create such bonds today, expressing and sharing emotions in a safe, welcoming environment.

Thus does Shadows of Esteren focus primarily on emotions, deep stories, and roleplay. The game system is simple, being aimed at serving the story, while some aspects like combat are more secondary.

The Sixth Realm – A Heavy Euro Game


As much as I love a fun, simple party game, sometimes you need a little crunch in your games. Sixth Realm combines building combos, engine-building, building a reputation with different guilds, and more. It’s a game with enough immersion to make you feel like you’re in this world, but with a set round limit so it won’t go on forever.

Thousands of years ago, conflict and strife between the six races resulted in years of war and suffering. One day, a strange cursed fog began to roll in from the north. The races fled south, and settled in what is today known as the Five Realms. Their ancient traditions and cities were lost to the miasma, and slowly forgotten by history.

In The Sixth Realm, players assume the role of explorers who’ve sailed to this new (old) continent. With the backing of the crown and help from the guilds, players will compete to make a name for themselves in this strange new land.

Project L: Square One


You know those merge crafter games? And you know pattern-matching games? Square One combines these into a quick-to-learn and difficult-to-master competitive puzzle game. You start with a small selection of Tetris-like pieces will have to merge and split these into other tile configurations in order to match the set on the scoring card. Much easier said than done.

Square One is all about timing your actions, to effectively complete the rows in your sequences. When you fill in the last row, the sequence is finished, and you get rewards. Synchronize your actions to complete multiple sequences at the same time to perform combos, earn extra points, and win the game!


Monster Slayers


It’s not often an STL set has this many figures and ones that are this detailed. Monster Slayers offers a great variety of minis and terrain features for any tabletop game.

In this campaign, you will find everything you will ever need to create an impressive scenery of a ruined town filled with monsters to explore! Join the Monster Slayers expedition, face challenging encounters, battle fearsome monstrous foes and uncover lost treasures!

All the miniatures, modular scenery pieces and props from this campaign are designed for tabletop role playing games, skirmish games, wargames of 28-32 miniature scale or for use with your scale model projects.

The Deck of Mini Things, 22 Unexpected Treasures for 5e

For a peek behind-the-scenes, for these Kickstarter Highlight lists, I’m going to try to find more inexpensive items to check out. Emphasis on try, but these sorts of campaigns are honestly the best bang for your buck. Deck of Mini Things is only $1 USD and offers 22 “bizarre variant” options from the better-known Deck of Many Things.

We all know and love the Deck of Many Things. It’s been a source of terror and hope at many a game table (and perhaps even grounds for a few character re-rolls). Now, we aren’t as big as the creators of that fateful deck. We are small. And we are mighty. With this in mind, we present . . . The Deck of Mini Things!


Author: Matt Sall
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