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Final Days for Free League’s ‘Coriolis: The Great Dark’ Kickstarter

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Apr 9 2024

There are only two days left in the Coriolis: The Great Dark Kickstarter, with more than a half million raised, and mere hours to go.

Coriolis: The Great Dark has sailed past $500,000 over the course of its crowdfunding campaign. At press time, the second edition of Free League’s first sci-fi RPG had raised more than $625,000 with 50 hours to go, and more than six thousand backers signing up for the game.

The last two days should prove to be especially exciting. After releasing an updated, free version of the Great Dark quickstart rules, and promising some fairly expansive stretch goals, including their very own soundtrack, an art book featuring the art of Martin Grip, as well as several game accessory add-ons like custom dice and cards.

All of this can be yours for the next two days.

Coriolis: The Great Dark – Final Days on Kickstarter

The Portals are dead. Ship City is dying. But there is still hope.

You are explorers of a dangerous world. You’ll do the work few others will. The enigmatic ruins of the Great Dark are shunned by most, but not by you. You seek them out, to delve into their shadowy depths and uncover their secrets. The Blight – the cataclysmic scourge that spreads from the ruins – makes others wary. For you it’s a beacon: where there is Blight, there are artifacts to find and mysteries to solve.

Set in Free League’s Coriolis universe, The Great Dark is a second edition of the game that has updated and expanded the rules. With a focus on exploration and expeditions—players undertake treacherous journeys through space to find mysterious ruins, it’s space magic at its finest—the game gives players more tools to play in the Great Dark of outer space.

You can already see how Free League has adapted to the changing industry tides as well. Along with the new edition of Coriolis, Free League will release a new open license for third-party content, so that fans can create their own modules:

If you follow a few simple rules, you will be able to create and sell any module you like, with no royalties, as long as it requires the core game to use. A special logo will be provided to mark compatibility with Coriolis: The Great Dark.

And a similar license will be available for Coriolis 1E as well. With more than six hundred thousand raised, Kickstarter has already been a phenomenal success. You can try the quickstart version out for yourself to see if you’re interested. But hurry. There are only two days left.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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