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‘Halfbeard’s Daughter’ is For the Bard Who Wants to Seduce Every NPC and More on Kickstarter

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Apr 17 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including Lewd Dungeon Adventres, board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Table Golf Association ‘Meeple Beach’ Edition


I went golfing once and got a heat stroke. So Meeple Beach is much more my speed. Plus, the game allows for creating your own courses, so feel free to get creative!

Meeple Beach could easily be the most beautiful and challenging Table Golf Association course yet! Inspired by beautiful oceanside golf courses around the world like the iconic Pebble Beach, this is a complete stand-alone game, that comes with 28 double-sided terrain tiles in both the Family and Pro Editions.

BattleCloth Maps for RPG & Wargaming Terrain


Tables are boring! Make them not boring with a BattleCloth map! In addition to the included grid for mini-movement purposes, a battle mat adds a level of immersion you can not get on a plain wooden table.

Enhance your adventures with BattleCloth Maps! Our exclusive line of cloth microfiber battle maps is ideal for encounters in any RPG! These high-quality, full-color battle maps make a fantastic setting for different scenes during your game. They make planning easier for DMs and the experience more immersive for players.  

The Halfbeards’ Daughter: A Lewd Dungeon Adventures Module


First and foremost, CONSENT IS KEY! Do not spring this module on anyone who is not expecting it. That said, if you’re playing D&D with your partner or a very close friend group, you might have a very good time with Halfbeards’ Daughter. It’s a module designed with NPCs to seduce and IRL actions to take to move the story along. It also has rules for a few libations along the way.

Welcome, Lewd Dungeon Adventures fans! Today, we present to you “The Halfbeards’ Daughter,” the next module in our series of adult tabletop role-playing games. In “The Halfbeards’ Daughter,” the Hero is journeying home from their latest adventure when they decide to stop at a tavern and find a note posted on the wall. A dwarven couple known as the Halfbeards in a neighboring village are looking for help to locate their missing daughter. They are specifically requesting the aid of a Cummancer.

The Laundry Roleplaying Game


You won’t need any Tide pods for this adventure. But you might want them afterward to help clean off any alien goo you get on your clothes (oh, get your head out of the gutter and scroll back up). In The Laundry Files, you’re a spy who learns magic is real and a necessity to keep supernatural, alien, and interdimensional threats at bay.

Welcome to the Laundry! You’re one of the unlucky few standing between humanity and unspeakable – often unpronounceable – supernatural, alien, and interdimensional threats.


You’re a spy. Well, you are now, at least. Previously, you were someone who learned things humanity was not meant to know. Namely, that magic is real, it exists in the higher realms of mathematics, and it has some really messed up devotees. And if you know that much, then you’re not left with much of a choice — you work for the Laundry now. 

Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game

If I have to sell you on this, you weren’t going to back it anyway. For everyone else, have at it.

ADVENTURE TIME: The RoLepLaying Game is a tabletop RPG that lets you and your friends create your own heroic adventures in the Land of 000! Built as a fifth edition (5E) compatible game, it uses the d20 system and allows you to use the core D&D roleplaying game classes to stage heroic quests, hilarious encounters, and emotional journeys with the citizens of 000. Whether you play as a robot stitched together from ancient machinery, a candy person, or a strange Elemental from Lumpy Space, your heroes will face dangerous Monsters, unexpected Twists, and collect sweet Dosh that does cool stuff.

Author: Matt Sall
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