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‘Monsters of Drakkenheim’ Kickstarter Heads for $1 Million In Last Week

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Apr 17 2024

Monsters of Drakkenheim has been enjoying a phenomenal Kickstarter success as they enter their last week approaching $1 million.

Monsters of Drakkenheim, the first 3rd party title to Kickstart with official D&D Beyond support (though I’d wager a far cry from the last one), has been smashing their funding goals throughout the last week. And as the campaign rounds in on its final week, the Ghostfire Gaming-published collection of epic monsters, lairs, and eldritch mutants, eyes the $1 million mark.

At press time, Monsters of Drakkenheim was closing in on $850k with a full week (and a day) left in their campaign. As you might expect, this means a bunch of new stretch goals have been met. Mostly in the form of resin miniatures of some of their more epic monsters, as well as the STL files so you can print your own and even an adventure.

Other rewards, yet to be unlocked, include even more “upgraded monster stat blocks” as well as a new digital supplement. All these rewards can be found in their full campaign, so scroll on!

Monsters of Drakkenheim 5E – Eldritch Horrors and Virtual Tabletops

Monsters of Drakkenheim is a 300-page expansion of the world of Drakkenheim featuring more than 150 new eldritch horror-themed creatures. But it’s not just a catalog of creatures. Monsters of Drakkenheim also includes new sets of lairs, complete with tactical battle maps, harvesting rules for crafting items out of the parts of the monsters you find, and the setpiece of the book: Epic Bosses.

Boss fights in D&D are notoriously difficult. But Monsters of Drakkenheim certainly seems hellbent on trying with their new take on Legendary Actions:

Epic Actions. Epic Bosses take an action after each player characters’ turn. This means their action economy is always evenly matched against the party, no matter how large PLUS their hit points scale based on the number of player characters facing them. This dynamic scaling means an Epic Boss doesn’t need help from minions or lackeys – they’re a threat to an entire adventuring party all on their own.

All this, plus new conditions like burning, freezing, or shock, as well as bewildered or staggered, add new layers of crunch to 5E’s rules. If you’re looking for a little more heft to your encounters, this campaign seems well worth checking out.

How do you like your mutant rat boss monsters?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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