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Star Wars: Legion – Range Troopers Unboxed – Get Dialed In With The Empire’s Finest

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Apr 26 2024

Check your range and get dialed in with the Empire’s new Range Troopers! These guys bring the pain and firepower in one potent package.

Atomic Mass Games sent us a review copy of the new Range Troopers for Star Wars: Legion. I got to pop the box and check out the full contents. I might not be starting a new Star Wars: Legion army but if I did this unit is very tempting.

Range Troopers Unboxed

The Range Troopers were first spotted in the Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. They have a more distinct look than the cleaner looking Storm Troopers. They come wearing heavy armor and furs which is somewhat reminiscent of the Snow Troopers. They also have those rather large boots which are magnetic gription boots — yes, they are clunky but functional! Range Troopers also considered themselves to be some of the toughest troopers in the Empire and pack the punch to back it up!

In the box you’ve got pretty much everything you’d expect. You’ve got the minis, the cards, tokens, and of course the bases to build them. It’s all neatly packaged inside those plastic baggies.

The sprues themselves are crisp and sharp. I’ve said this before but the material that AMG is using on these is great to work with. It holds the detail really well and gets really good lines. I much prefer this hard plastic to some of the early SWL materials. It also comes with those seven bases, too.


Card-wise, you get three optional upgrades and the single unit card. The tokens are also double-sided and that’s pretty much everything in the box. Personally, I appreciate this new unit in terms of intimidation factor. They just look imposing — similar to how Storm Troopers are — but different. Maybe it’s because I have a Chaos Warriors army for Warhammer but I do like my scary, faceless units with heavy armor and furs.

There’s no mistaking this unit when they are on the tabletop: they are the baddies!

The Range Troopers are currently up for pre-order and has a release date of May 17, 2024.

Star Wars: Legion – Range Troopers $49.99


Fearsome Imperial Range Troopers arrive in Star Wars™: Legion in this new pack! The seven Range Trooper miniatures in this pack give players a durable new Imperial Special Forces option that can stride into the thick of battle while unleashing their powerful E-10R Blaster Rifles. These miniatures are joined by a heavy weapon miniature that further accentuates the unit’s potent firepower. Able to easily traverse difficult terrain, the Range Troopers are accompanies by six upgrade cards that invite players to augment them to fit their own strategy. 


Range Troopers — you know, the unit with the boots AND the fur!

Author: Adam Harrison
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