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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Teensy Space Marines & Darktide Arrive!

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Apr 29 2024
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We return to the Grimdark and the Horus Heresy with a new launch range, of LI Space Marines & DarkTide! Take a look at these prices.

This week GW is bringing out the new goodies for the Space Marines in Legions Imperialis, plus the 40K Darktide boxed set! Here’s the latest goodies:

GW says all of these kits go up for preorder on May 4, and have a street date of May 18.

DARKTIDE: The Miniatures Game $110 €85 £65

 “Take the battle for Hive Tertium to the tabletop with Darktide: The Miniatures Game. Your crew of a Psyker, Veteran, Ogryn and Zealot must dive into the sprawling hive city to stop brewing Chaos insurrection, represented by six Poxwalkers and 10 Traitor Guardsmen. You’ll get everything you need in the box to work together with your friends in thrilling missions, which can be linked together in a campaign complete with upgrades. This product will be available direct, and from selected retailers.”

Grombrindal: The White Dwarf (Issue 500) $40 €32.50 £25

 “The White Dwarf receives a fresh new look with this commemorative miniature that will be released alongside issue 500 of his very own magazine. You can read more about what went into designing and painting him in the issue itself. This version of Grombrindal is fully anchored within the Mortal Realms, and features a plethora of details that resonate with the Age of Sigmar – a Kruleboyz skareshield, Fyreslayer and Kharadron Overlord motifs, and more.

As a limited edition miniature, you’ll be able to pre-order Grombrindal from Saturday the 4th of May, and he’ll be available to purchase from Saturday 18th of May 2024, to Sunday the 2nd of June 2024 – anyone who orders Grombrindal during this period is guaranteed to receive one.”


Legions Imperialis: Sicaran Squadron $50 €40 £30

 “The Sicaran battle tank is an advanced vehicle designed as part of a joint venture between Ferrus Manus and Roboute Guilliman. Fast for its size and packing a hefty punch, this extremely mobile tank exemplifies the Legiones Astartes’ ruthless approach to warfare. This box contains four epic scale tanks, which can each be armed with either twin-linked accelerator autocannon or omega plasma array, and a choice of sponson-mounted heavy bolters or lascannons.”

Legions Imperialis: Dreadnought Drop Pods $50 €40 £30

 “Hurl your Dreadnoughts right into the thick of the action by launching them straight from orbiting battleships in heavily armoured Dreadnought Drop Pods. This pack contains four epic scale Dreadnought Drop Pods with opening doors, which can also be built as Palisade Drop Pods – a new variant loaded with a heavy shield generator which creates an ordnance-blocking field for your troops to hunker down within. “


Legions Imperialis: Legion Fast Attack $50 €40 £30

 “Help your Space Marines perform rapid strikes and flex to the shifting flow of battle with this collection of nippy vehicles and cavalry, which covers everything from rugged bikes to heavily armed skimmers. One box contains four bases of Outriders, six bases of Scimitar Jetbikes, four hefty Javelin Land Speeders, and four Land Speeders, for a total of 32 epic scale miniatures.”

Legions Imperialis: Malcador Squadron $50 €40 £30

 “The core of many Solar Auxilia armies are made up from squadrons of tanks, like the Maclador, which has its origins in the Age of Strife on Old Earth. Thanks to its powerful (and highly temperamental) drive system, this heavily armoured and powerfully armed tank is surprisingly fast, able to punch forward into the enemy battle line with great haste. This box contains four epic scale Malcador Heavy Tanks, which can each be equipped with various weapons, including a Malcador battle cannon, twin lascannons, or a Vanquisher battle cannon as its main armament.”

Legions Imperialis: Dracosian Transport Detachment $50 €40 £30

 “Give your Solar Auxilia infantry sections the luxury of resting their feet by shipping them to the thick of combat in capacious Dracosan Transport Tanks. This box contains six roomy epic scale vehicles that can each be equipped with your choice of twin lascannon or demolisher cannon to provide fire support after disgorging their cargo of troops.”

Legions Imperialis: Stormhammers $50 €40 £30

 “Stormhammers are rolling fortresses equipped with a veritable arsenal of high-powered weaponry, frequently seen rumbling into battle alongside Solar Auxilia Tercios and columns of smaller tanks to crush their enemies. This box provides you with two of these formidable super-heavy tanks at epic scale, both of which can built with a choice of multi-laser or lascannon sponsons.”



So, Darktide, or EPIC for you?

Author: Larry Vela
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