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5E Compatible RPG Round Up: ‘Guide to Mountains’, ‘Breakfast of Champions’ and More

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May 24 2024

Prosthetic weapon arms, mini dungeons, and a guide to plants and poisons are all in this week’s 5e compatible RPG roundup!

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Gamemaster’s Guide to Mountains

This Guide is a helpful tool for Gamemasters who just need to fill in details and flavor for Highlands, Mountains, and Alpine Regions, without having to come up with them on the fly.

Each chart contains 100 unique items, rolled for on a d100. It fits for any fantasy setting and some modern ones as well, and was designed to be system agnostic as a storytelling tool.

This guide includes:

  • 100 animal encounters
  • 100 mountain encounters
  • 100 scenery ideas
  • 100 foraging ideas
  • 100 ores and minerals
  • 100 story hooks
  • 100 weather/environmental descriptions
  • 100 mountain locations/encounter sites
  • 100 mountain hazards
  • 100 mountain treasures and loot ideas
  • 100 mountain names

Mini-Dungeon #307: Limen Lock

Mini-Dungeon adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 6-10

The Threshold Watchers manage the realm’s four planar Locks: Tohr, Limen, Seartu, and Anfanate. Locks control gates to assorted sites and planes accessible via coded controls. Eight Watchers monitor each lock. Clockwork watchmen provide security, but their automatic reporting has gone quiet.

What happened inside Limen Lock is unclear. Ospyr, a Watcher elder, knows only that it lost power and contact ceased two days ago. Hopefully, it remains protected by a permanent private sanctum variant that allows its orrery to function.

Included in your download:

  • Mini-Dungeon PDF
  • GM Maps
  • Player Maps
  • VTT Maps

Breakfast of Champions

Welcome to Hearth, the City of Hospitality and home to The Plastered Possum. This family-operated tavern serves a brunch so good that fights used to break out while waiting for a table. That is until management said to take it outside – to the Arena!


The Plastered Possum now invites your party to compete in their 15th Annual Brunch n’ Brawl. This week-long tournament toasts the morning meal with silly-costumed arena fights. The prize? A year of free brunch at the hottest spot in Hearth.

Come and scramble for victory, accolades, and syrup-soaked gluttony! Will your party order up? Fry the competition? Or end up with egg on their face? Find out in this 5th-ed compatible adventure meets cookbook!

Breakfast of Champions is a 5th-level comedic adventure and cookbook for a party of 3-5 players. Play along while sampling recipes such as:

  • Drench Toast Waffles: Cider-battered French toast waffles served with whipped maple syrup ricotta.
  • Bird on a Biscuit: Fried onion and breadcrumb-crusted chicken served on herbed biscuits with honey butter.
  • Rise n’ Shine Cakes: Orange-ginger mini cheesecakes with graham cracker cereal crumble.
  • Dawntide Mamaliga: A cheesy shrimp and grits take on Romanian polenta casserole.

This story is an introduction module for The Hearthlands and Plastered Possum adventures. It involves trust trials, dungeon and non-lethal arena-style combat, roleplaying, and character development.


Prosthetic Weapon ArMS

Sometimes, You Need a Hand
And you want it to be weaponized. Most likely, this is the result of an unfortunate run-in with a vorpal weapon, or a critical hit deck your GM bought online from a company with “Kill” or “Genius” in the name. But whatever the reason (and we don’t judge, here), you have decided you need a prosthetic weapon arm.

And we are here to discuss your options.

Don’t Risk Being Unarmed

Skarra’s Guide to Horticulture, Poultices, and Poisons

93 Magical Plants, Herbs, Mushrooms, Poultices, and Poisons!
Skarra’s Guide to Horticulture, Poultices, and Poisons is your one-stop shop to make the wilds of your games more interesting. In a fantastical world with fantastical magic, beasts, and artifacts; sometimes it’s strange to have locales that do not reflect the magical nature of the world! This guide seeks to amend this by adding in 93 different plants to populate ALL of your environs in 49 pages FULL of content!

Slightly Mundane to Deeply Impactful!
These additional plants are not all game-breaking or going to drastically change the balance of your game. The plants vary greatly in terms of their fantastical influence; as you could find simple vines that are edible when cooked, a type of mushroom that grows on dead bodies that is especially poisonous, or even iridescent sunflowers that can siphon and steal dreams!

Designed with Player Engagement at the Forefront
Nearly all of the plants listed within this guide all have some manner of a ‘Refined’ form; something that can be done with the plant! If a plant naturally has restorative properties, it can likely be distilled or boiled with successful ability checks to enhance its healing properties! If a deadly carnivorous plant is defeated in battle, it will have some kind of edible boon for players to take part in! All of these plants are not meant to just simply exist and look pretty; they offer some kind of engagement with the player; either as alternative consumable magic items, or as additions to encounter hazards to make the wilds more dangerous!

Sorted and Tabled
93 plants is A LOT. But, you don’t need to thumb through the ENTIRE guide just to find one plant that fits into your next encounter! All of these plants are sorted alphabetically, by rarity, AND by environment! In addition to this, there are rollable tables for every kind of environment, so you don’t need to do the work!


Bonus Magic Items!
And if you’re like me, and like the idea of worldbuilding based on the environment, many of the plants can be central or important to cultures as they serve a very functional purpose in their environment! Furthermore, because many of the plants do have minor magical capabilities, I’ve gone ahead and made 19 bonus magic items based off of these plants that you can also find in this guide!

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