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5E Compatible RPG Round Up- ‘The Whining Woodlands,’ ‘Beasts of Legend,’ and More

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May 31 2024

Mini Escape Dungeons, ‘The Wining Woodlands,’ and ‘The Dragons Hoard’ are all in this week’s 5E compatible RPG roundup.

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Pek’s Peril

With Pek’s Peril you’ll lead your players through a secret level in a vast apocalyptic setting where humankind is forced to fight for its survival in the Empire’s GAMES. The party will travel through a fantasy style landscape, fighting enemies, negotiating with locals, and attempting to rid the land of its ravenous overlord, Grendar the Hungered.

Giant obelisks have come down from the sky and humanity and other underdeveloped civilizations are forced to compete against one another in the GAMES, an epic contest which will determine which races survive and which are annihilated and stripped for parts. Five un-evolved worlds have been chosen to fight in the Games for the Empire’s entertainment and the winning world will be invited to join the Empire.

But the Empire is not a singularly unified kingdom. A rogue A.I. with god-like powers and a fixation with humanity has taken it upon itself to create a series of characters drawn from works of literature and have them compete together in the GAMES. So humanity is given another chance to survive and their best hope lies with these few fictional characters, brought to life and inhabited by their creators in a thrilling adventure where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Pek’s Peril features one such adventure where fictional characters are sent off to fight in the GAMES but matters quickly get out of hand and strangeness ensues!

Escape From the Great Fear of Goblins

While crossing the forest, you fell into a pit dug by highwaymen. Seeing an opening dug in the rock, you decide to try your luck in this underground tunnel. Go to entrance room and try to find the exit… ALIVE!

Dungeon Escape Mini is a small dungeon of 5 to 6 rooms from which you must escape.

Like a 90’s Point&Click, each room contains locks and items. Combine the itesm with the locks to progress through the game.

The Dragon’s Hoard

Magic, Monsters, and More!

The Dragon’s Hoard is a monthly anthology of magic items, spells, monsters, and more for your 5th Edition campaign! Each issue of The Dragon’s Hoard takes every new magic item, spell, monster, or other new rules content from our ongoing Legendary Loot Patreon and presents it for you, with dozens of new elements beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash on your players! In this month’s features you’ll find:

• The Treasure Trove, featuring magnificent magical items like the bloodvine rope, ring of borrowed fortune, flickering harp, and spellcrash scepter!
• Basker’s Books, featuring new spells for every 5E spellcasting class like stunning finale, forbidding blade, mutant plague, and summon horde of flesh!
• Character Options, featuring new special features for your classes like druidic Circle of Gray, the Sea Reaver background, and the Path of the Plains Runner!
• Marvelous Monsters, featuring killer creatures across every challenge level like the misshapen mutant creature template, the ancient jotunnár horde, and the apocalyptic radioactive purple worm!

Join the Legendary Loot Patreon to get brand-new 5E rules content every single day plus other amazing benefits or pick up The Dragon’s Hoard every month and get 28 pages of terrific treasures, terrifying foes, and more to Make Your Game Legendary!


Beasts of Legend

Creepy Constructs!

The Construct Codex is here for Black Flag Roleplaying, featuring 13 brand-new creepy creations ranging from CR 1/2 to 17 to menace and maul your heroes, each one lavishly illustrated, along with optional rules using these fearsome creations as instruments of terror in your game from the bloodthirsty manikin and living crematory to the stained glass knight and cranial dissectibot! Constructs at first seem like such simple creatures, mindless automatons brought to a semblance of life by the power of magic. Yet consider them again, in light of a horror-themed campaign.

These are not creatures but things, soulless, pitiless, without fear, judgment, or mercy, brought to a horrifying mockery of life by forces beyond comprehension. Their animus bound unwilling by the eldritch experimentation of madmen, the accursed invocations of apostate heretics, or risen into being by the tormented hauntings of spirits unable to rest and unwilling to forget or forgive the miseries they suffered or perpetrated in life. These are what constructs can bring in a horror-themed adventure or campaign, and the Construct Codex brings them to you with lethal precision! Grab this 26-page Black Flag RPG bestiary today and Make Your Game Legendary!

The Whining Woodlands

Travelers, a call to arms! The small town of Rodwin is plagued by bizarre disturbances from the neighboring forest. A troubled tavern keeper reports his garden has been trampled thrice, fearing it signals deeper, darker troubles afoot.

This 1st-3rd level oneshot is designed to work with the free basic rules for new and experienced DMs alike. You and your friends can explore a corrupted forest, battle dangerous foes, and roleplay as mystical creatures.


Designed for new DMs

This adventure contains useful tips and tricks for new DMs, including Adventure Hooks, the concept of Dramatic Questions for Scene transitions, and adjusting Combat difficulty. Even a seasoned DM might find something helpful in there 😉

Comes with VTT-ready Maps

Playing online? The adventure comes with vtt ready maps in a day & night variant:

  • Must’s Garden (22×14)
  • The Fountain (20×15)
  • The Abandoned Church (28×30)

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