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Age of Sigmar: Next Edition Slams Into Action With AEW Stars Showcasing ‘Spearhead’

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May 13 2024

Yep, you read that right. AEW Wrestlers are going to be showcasing the next edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s Spearhead mode this week!

It’s a crossover event unlike any other, as the Mortal Realms are about to get body slammed by two AEW Wrestlers. This one is coming all the way from the top — the Tabletop! This week during the Dallas Open Games Workshop has cooked up a special treat. AEW Wrestlers Kip Sabian and Claudio Castiglioni are going to play a live game of Spearhead!

Celebrity Spearhead Match

We also have a bit more info about the event from Warhammer Community, too.

“AEW stars Claudio Castagnoli and Kip Sabian clash for the Spearhead Championship, yes-yes! Join us to see these stars perform the Sigmar suplex and the Warpstone wristlock at the Arlington eSports Stadium.

“You’ll be able to watch a special exhibition match of Spearhead between the AEW wrestlers Kip Sabian and Claudio Costaglioni, who will be playing as Skaven and Stormcast Eternals. This will be the first ever live game of Spearhead, and it’s sure to be an absolute treat.”

As far as I can remember, this will be the first time we’ve ever gotten a celebrity match livestreamed by Games Workshop. And this, indeed, will be the first look at a game of the new Spearhead mode. This match is going to come right on the heels of the big reveal of the Warhammer Preview Show. Here’s a look a the expected schedule:

Be sure to check your time zones so you can catch the reveal and the match live!

This week is sure to be packed with some massive reveals and noteworthy events. I can’t wait to see the full boxed contents showcased for the new edition. Plus the Spearhead Match is going to also feature Stormcast vs Skaven in the new edition, too. You know there’s going to be tons of new models and loads to digest from the new edition.

There’s also part of me that hopes these two AEW Wrestlers “get into it” and have a match right there! But, at the same time, please don’t land on any of the models or terrain. But seriously, it’s cool to see a celebrity match on the schedule — who knows who else GW could get to play on a livestream!

It’s an AoS x AEW crossover, baby!!


Author: Adam Harrison
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