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Atomic Mass Games: World Open Championships Announced For AdeptiCon 2025

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May 1 2024

Atomic Mass Games has brought back Worlds! Kinda. Well, not exactly the same as you might remember it. It’s the World Open Championships.

Last month, Atomic Mass Games announced they were ending the Worlds Tournament System in favor of more Grand Tournaments. The reaction was mixed from the Community. On the one hand folks were excited to see more opportunities for Grand Tournament-style events. On the other, lots of folks were upset that the big “prestige event” was ending. But, as it turns out, that wasn’t entirely the case.

Yesterday, Atomic Mass Games put out a statement regarding the launch of the new Adepticon Open Worlds Championships 2025.

Return of the Worlds?

The major game systems run by Atomic Mass Games will be running events:

  • Star Wars: Legion
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Star Wars: Armada
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint
  • Marvel: Crisis Protocol

That much hasn’t really changed. What has is the format and how to actually qualify. Now, instead of having to battle up through set series of tournaments to quality, players will need to battle it out and earn at spot in the Worlds Open Finals at Adepticon. These qualifying events are the two World Open Championship Qualifying Heats.

While this isn’t the same as the Worlds Tournament Circuit, this is still the same event (Adepticon) where it was held in the past. Similarly, this is still the only place where you can earn the title of World Champion for those respective game systems. Will this level of prestige event satisfy what the community was after? That remains to be seen.



Grand Tournaments And World Championships

Personally, I wonder how many spots are going to available in both the qualifying heats and then their respective finals. I also wonder if the Grand Tournament system is going to help or hinder interested in the Worlds Championships. In theory, it should drum-up more interest as more players have the opportunity to compete in more events. That said, it was relatively short notice for events to send in an application to run one of those Grand Tournaments, too. (Today, May 1st, is the deadline to submit your event!)

I’m not sure why Atomic Mass Games didn’t announce the change to the Grand Tournament system at the same time as the new World Open Championship. I’m also not sure why AMG didn’t offer spots to folks who might have won a GT as they do require events to submit an “after action report” that I’m assuming lists the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of the event. Or at least give those folks first dibs at snagging a ticket to the World Open Championships.

Ultimately, this announcement is that the World Open Championships are back at Adepticon 2025. And if you want to be the World Champ in one of these game systems you’re going to have to earn that title!


Do you have what it takes to become the World Champ?

Author: Adam Harrison
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