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‘Book of Spirits’ Brings ‘Stormlight Archive’ Vibes to Your 5E Games, Plus More From Kickstarter

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May 6 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights—including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Book of Spirits: An Ethereal Supplement for 5E


Inspired by legendary titles like Dragon Age and Stormlight Archive, the Book of Spirits is a sourcebook that expands your world with a new realm of magic, fully compatible with the evolution of 5th Edition! 

Embark upon an unforgettable journey through the Spirit Realm, where emotions and memories possess real power. Fight ethereal creatures and befriend spirit companions, unlock new subclasses and races, and bond spirits with the new conduit class. Complementing this 200+ page book are illustrated encounter maps, incredibly detailed miniatures (and STLs), and an original soundtrack to immerse players in your mystical adventures.

Micro Midgard


Ragnarok is coming…Skoll and Hati chase the Sun and the Moon across the sky, signaling the end of the world. As a champion of Midgard, you must travel the 9 realms and fulfill the Norn’s prophecies before they are destroyed.

Micro Midgard is a 30-minute tactical worker placement game for one or two players. Using the unique worker-movement mechanic from the hugely successful Micro Dojo, Micro Midgard brings a more complex head-to-head experience in a small package.

One Card Maze Season 2


One Card Maze is a maze that twists and turns around a single card. Travel through the maze by rotating and flipping the card to unlock doors. As you do the maze will continue to look different in changing orientations. Getting lost is all part of the game!

One Card Maze is a game that is so portable you can play at the doctor’s office, at an oil change, or in the car (not while driving of course)!

Wonders of The First CCG


Wonders of The First is a Collectible Card Game where players are Stoneseekers – powerful beings who control the fate of the Orbitals. Summon fighting units called Wonders and play them, along with powerful Spells, Items, and Lands, into 7 realms to battle, conquer, and gain control of the Formless Stones.

Wonders of The First CCG is a game where science fiction and fantasy intertwine, offering a fresh, captivating experience for collectors and players alike.

The Ravine

The Ravine 3d printable files gives you enough files to kit out your entire gaming table. Create a deep ravine to bisect your games. Use the 4 different bridge types to span the gap. Border the edge with a cliff and fill the rest of the space with mesas, buttes, and plateaus. The support free files print great on you FDM printer.


Author: Matt Sall
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