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Build Your Dream Dungeon With ‘DELVE’, Plus More From Kickstarter

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May 8 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights–including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

The Evolving Bestiary: Evolutive Book of Monsters for D&D 5E

The Evolving Bestiary is a fitting name for several reasons. First, the campaign’s backer count will determine the number of monsters in the book! But additionally, each monster is set up with an evolution feature that will allow any monster to be played at multiple levels.

Monsters are the lifeblood of any great adventure. Remember the thrill of encountering a new, formidable beast that challenged your strategies and sparked unforgettable battle stories? With The Evolving Bestiary we’re adding layers of complexity and excitement to your encounters.

Each monster in The Evolving Bestiary belongs to a family, a group of creatures linked by common themes and traits. These families are categorized by genre—such as mythic, undead, elemental, or beast and many others. What makes the evolving bestiary unique is the evolution feature: monsters start at a basic level and evolve into more complex and challenging versions, ensuring that they can grow alongside your players’ adventures.

Delve – A Guide to Dungeons for 5E & Shadowdark RPG


Dungeons are a key part of many RPGs, but it can be a challenge to fill the dungeon with enough content to make it memorable. DELVE is here to help with a treasure trove of traps, monsters, and, well, treasure!

No adventure is complete without a DELVE into a dungeon filled with devious traps, monstrous challenges, and sweet, sweet loot!

DELVE is a complete guide to building and surviving deadly dungeons with 200+ pages of dungeon-building tools and plug-and-play dungeons – and more monsters, treasures, player options, and traps than you can shake a 10-foot pole at! Want dungeons that are fun, thrilling, and easy-to-run without hours of tedious prep? DELVE is your guide – available for both 5E D&D and Shadowdark RPG!

Firesiege | Siege-Themed Board Game for 1-4 players


Firesiege is a cooperative game where no one player knows everything going on. Each action in battle triggers a reaction. For example, when playing a card, you get to know one side of the card, but all other players know what’s on the reverse side of the card. Communication is key, but limited. Trust your allies to lead you through and onward toward victory.

Firesiege. A feralis story is a limited-information cooperative game. Each player controls a Valkun Hero with unique abilities and skills, and turn after turn you play action cards to resist the siege of the army of Skreel that are crawling into the city of Medda to kill your leader Norad.

The enemy army is nearly infinite, thus to win, your troops must outmaneuver the Skreel by fulfilling different goal cards (E.g., sealing the three Nests of the Skreel, rescuing inhabitants of the citadel of Medda, recruiting enough Marall mercenaries to overcome the enemy, and so on) till they have managed to flip all 6 Banner tokens on the Victory side. Each game will present players with a different challenge depending on the Goal cards selected!


Alternatives Females Heads Vol2 STL for Tabletop & Wargames


Maybe for some reason, you’ve recently found yourself in the market for a large number of feminine heads for your kitbashed wargame miniatures. It’s the perfect 3D print set to upset those stuck in the past with this set of STL female miniature heads.

Hello and Welcome to Alternative Female heads volume 2! Once again, this project is all about replacement and alternative head for wargaming and tabletop miniatures, meant for any kitbasher or collector!

The heads are meant for 28mm (and can be scaled for 32mm shebeefcake/spaceheroines). The sculpts are carefully detailed and will hold up to 72mm (size of the bonus bust included). They will be delivered as .STL files fit for 3D printing with their presupported versions! This project is digital delivery! No physical delivery!

Rapid Dungeon

Rapid Dungeon combines dungeon crawling, set collecting, and dexterity games into some chaotically good time. Play against each other to see who’s the best adventurer or work together to tackle tough bosses.

Rapid Dungeon is a simultaneous turn-based game. Each player reveals one card simultaneously. If the card you desire is among them, try to acquire it faster than anyone else. The score varies depending on how you collect the cards. The cards can be white or black, or red traps. Player tiles have two sides, one white and one black.


To acquire a card, you need to place a player tile on it. When placing a tile, you must choose either side to match the color of the card. If there is at least one red trap card in the mix, the rules will be reversed. This is a tabletop game that combines elements of speed gaming and set collection, testing your quick decision-making skills.

Author: Matt Sall
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