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Daily Dose of Nostalgia: There’s a Neopets RPG in the Works

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May 15 2024

When was the last time you thought about Neopets? Well think again, because there’s an official Neopets tabletop RPG in the works.

No, but seriously, when was the last time you thought about Neopets. Did you know they’re still, somehow, around? They are. Those simpler days just keep on keeping on, somehow. There was something magical about the internet before it was reduced to three websites. You had the limitless possibilities of, Club Penguin,and, and the world was at your fingertips in an angelfire or geocities webring.

And while we might have to pour one out for Club Penguin, the others are still, somehow around. Just like Neopets. Even the fact that they were built on the business practices of Scientology, somehow makes a perfect kind of sense right alongside its weird blend Tamagotchi and Pokemon. And soon, you’ll get to relive all of it in a tabletop roleplaying game.

No word on whether you’ll have to play every day to make sure your Neopets are fed and entertained, but I’m sure you can just do that on your own. When was the last time you checked on yours?

Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Neopets the website is set to turn 25 this year. And to celebrate it, Geekify is publishing an official Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Like the vast majority of games these days, it’s headed to Kickstarter first, because Kickstarter has changed the industry over the last decade to become the storefront as well.

From the initial announcement, very few details are apparent:

“From the creators of the Neopets Tarot Deck comes an adventure of epic proportions. Blending the rich history, lore, and characters of Neopets with the familiar gaming style of tabletop RPGs, we are excited to announce an upcoming TTRPG set in the world of Neopia.”

Now, of course, the promise of an RPG could be the ultimate gamer nostalgia drug: miniatures of characters that are familiar to you. Even as I typed out the phrase Neopets Miniatures, I started to throw money at my screen in the vain hopes that it would happen.

At any rate, look for more info on the upcoming Neopets RPG later this month. The Kickstarter is set for May 31st!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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