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D&D: Five Magic Items For When You Gotta Go Fast!

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May 9 2024

Sometimes, you really just gotta go fast. And when you need to do exactly that, these five magic items will speed you along.

There are plenty of reasons a character might want to boost their movement rate to ludicrous speeds. They might want to reach an enemy before they can escape. Or perhaps they’re running from an enemy, like a megalomaniacal doctor in an elaborately designed vehicle with only a couple of weak points. Maybe they just have that chili dog feeling. But whatever the reason, when a character has gotta go fast, there are plenty of ways to do that.

Often, the right gear can really change the way you play. Go fast enough and first enough, and you may be able to shut down encounters before the enemy really has a chance to do anything. So with that in mind, here are five magic items for when you gotta go fast.

Wayfarer’s Boots

Wayfarer’s Boots are a relatively new magic item to 5th Edition; they were introduced in the Book of Many Things. But they are also exactly the kind of magic boots you go looking for and then are shocked because they weren’t there before. They’re very simple. All they do is increase your walking speed by 10 feet.

But that can make a huge difference, especially when precious few things actually increase your base movement speed. Boots of Speed, Boots of Haste, even Boots of Striding and Springing won’t do this. But Wayfarer’s Boots do, and they give you advantage on Survival checks, as well as granting the ability to cast Expeditious Retreat as a bonus action once per day.

Timepiece of Travel

This magic timepiece, out of Acquisitions Incorporated, grants you the ability to cast Longstrider on yourself at will, in addition to its other abilities. But Longstrider is important here because this also grants you +10 feet to your speed. This means you can combo this with the Boots of the Wayfarer to be quite fast indeed. And that’s before you start increasing your speed from class features and the like.

Bracers of Celerity

No, it’s bracers of celerITy.

These magical bracers, introduced in Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, are another relatively new magic item increases your speed. They increase all your speeds by 10 feet (which is only sometimes relevant), combining with the others for a total of an extra +30 feet so far.


Shrieking Greaves

Or combo all of them together in a single magic item, the Shrieking Greaves, also from theĀ Book of Many Things. While wearing them, you gain the ability to increase your walking speed by 30 feet for a single minute as a bonus action. This bonus action is repeatable up to 3 times per day, but it comes with a slight curse.

While wearing them, if you ever become frightened, the greaves scream so loud that you and each creature within 10 feet of you take 2d8 points of thunder damage if you fail a save, or half as much on a success. And of course, they give you disadvantage on saving throws against being frightened.

Cape of the Mountebank

Of course, you could also just cheat. And nobody cheats better than the Cape of the Mountebank. This single item can save a character’s life. Or ensure someone doesn’t get away, as long as you know roughly where they are.


The Cape of the Mountebank lets you cast the Dimension Door spell, which is one of the best, most accurate teleportation spells out there. As a single move, you can move up to 500 feet.

What magic items do you take when you’ve gotta go fast?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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