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Destroy Waves of Droids in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, Now 25% Off!

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May 13 2024

Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game uses the Pandemic System to take you through 4 different scenarios, each with its own main villain.

The Pandemic series of games has really blossomed in the last year or two. What started as a single board game about a potentially prophetic possibility has turned into a series of secondary spin-offs. Not only can you take the Pandemic system into World of Warcraft, the Cthulhu mythos, but also into Star Wars, currently 25% off!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Overview

Even if you’re familiar with the base Pandemic game, that’ll only get you so far with games using the Pandemic System. The core gameplay mechanic is the same, but that’s like saying you could play Wingspan because you’ve played Dominion.

Also, I promise to never make such a wildly nerdy joke like that again.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, players work together to complete missions before facing off against the main villain. In order to assist with completing the missions, players recruit allies, hire transports, and use force powers to crush waves of droids.

Players will travel from planet to planet battling droids using a simple dice-rolling combat mechanic to determine how much damage they deal and take. However, players will also have a wide selection of cards to choose from to assist in combat and completing missions.

In order to complete a mission, players need to travel to the location of the mission, then gather enough points from their die roll and any cards they have in play that have symbols matching the mission itself. When a mission is completed, a new one takes its place. Once all 4 mission cards have been completed, the Jedi can face the villain themselves.

Say “Hello there” to your favorite new game, Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game.

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Author: Matt Sall
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