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Free League Announces ‘Path of Glory’ A Classic Campaign Reborn for Dragonbane

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May 8 2024

Free League announced a new campaign, which is actually an old campaign, coming to their Dragonbane Fantasy TTRPG.

Free League is back with a new campaign, though technically, it’s an old campaign for Dragonbane. Dragonbane, if you haven’t been following along, is “a classic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game full of magic, mystery, and adventure.” It is a new translation of Sweden’s biggest fantasy RPG, Drakhar och Demoner, reimagined for the modern age.

Described as promoting “fast and furious play, with very little prep time,”¬†Dragonbane¬†is often as comedic as it is action-packed. Free League calls the style mirth and mayhem, and it’s an apt description.

The new campaign, Path of Glory, is a reimagining of the first major campaign for the Swedish game. Though it was originally released in the mid-80s, the time has come to port it over to the 2020s. That is exactly what Free League announced earlier this week.

Free League’s Path of Glory

Classic Dragonbane campaign returns for the new edition…

Coming to the legendary Dead Forest in search of treasure, glory and a solution to the ancient curse laying waste to the forest, the adventurers soon find themselves embroiled in an epic conflict reaching back to the very foundations of the world. The quest will take the adventurers through the depths of the forest, under the mountain, and into a strange new land where the fate of the world will be determined.

Free League Publishing today announced Path of Glory, the upcoming epic adventure campaign for the critically acclaimed fantasy RPG Dragonbane.

Path of Glory was the first major adventure campaign released for the original Swedish edition of the Dragonbane RPG (Drakar och Demoner), in three installments during 1985 and 1986: The Dead Forest, Gates of Power, and Heart of Darkness. This new edition, reimagined and updated by Free League and the original author Roger Undhagen, collects the trilogy in a single volume.

So what is Path to Glory exactly? And why reimagine this one? For one, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Just a glance at some of the artwork will tell you the loving care put into every detail. It also highlights the system. It showcases what makes the game stand out from other fantasy RPGs.

By following along this adventure, you can get a feel for how Dragonbane is meant to sing. That and the nostalgia, of course. Nostalgia for other, simpler, happier times, whether they’re the 80s, 90s, 00s, or 10s, is the major theme of 2020+.


Even if you can’t go back, you can still have a fun time with this adventure.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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