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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Lizard Ridge

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May 7 2024

We might have ourselves a new lizard coming from Games Workshop based on the Rumor Engine this week. It’s scaly and spiky — what could it be?

Welcome to another Tuesday and a brand new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. There’s a new image to chew on but be warned: this one has spikes. We’ve got some theories on what it could be but you should take a closer look before we get into all that.

via Warhammer Community

“The trouble with horns in Warhammer is that they could belong to almost anyone. Sure, these might look like the saurian dorsal spikes of a Seraphon – but they could just as easily be a surly Dragon Ogre, a Kroot that’s eaten too many lizards, or even a particularly gnarly Chaos Space Marine.”

Rumor Engine Lizard Ridge

So what are we looking at here? Well, the text isn’t wrong! This could be a LOT of things. Spikes DO belong to a lot of things in Warhammer. This could be some new type of Seraphon, a dragon, or even the cloak of a Chaos Space Marine — and loads of things inbetween! Personally, I’m kind of leaning towards something of the lizard variety.

I’m not saying it’s a Magmadroth, I’m just pointing out yet ANOTHER creature with horns and scales.

What’s odd to me is the scale pattern. It looks very irregular. Plus the horns/spikes don’t all look uniform either. Some are more square while others are more rounded. It’s hard to tell because of the grey-scale, but I do wonder if those are painted different colors, too.


Right now is a particularly hard time to gauge what this image could be as well. We’ve got a new edition of Age of Sigmar right around the corner. That means we don’t know what armies are on deck after Stormcast Eternals and Skaven. This could be a LOT of things from that range.

On the 40k side, CSM are coming very soon, too. And if they are getting any crazy models, well, this could absolutely be from their range. Just maybe not a Marine. Who knows! Maybe it’s a mount or maybe it’s a Chaos mutant. Or even a Chaos Daemon.




Anyhow, if you’ve got any ideas please share them with the rest of us! This one is a head scratcher for sure. But that’s the fun of the Rumor Engine, right?


What do you think this one could be?

Author: Adam Harrison
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