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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: That’s No Ankle Bone

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May 14 2024

It looks like something is gearing up with a robotic appendage. Could this be a new member of the Mechanicus ready to stomp to victory?

Welcome to another Tuesday Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. We’ve got a rather interesting snippet of something special. But before we get into what it could be you should probably have a look for yourself.

“We’ve seen plenty of claws come through the Rumour Engine lately, but this one seems decidedly more mechanical than the rest. It almost looks like a foot, but that does make you question why it needs a claw on the back of the ankle of all places, and the 41st Millennium is usually such a bastion of common sense.”

via Warhammer Community

Rumor Engine – That’s No Ankle Bone

I think the text hit the nail on the head with this one — it does look like a foot/ankle but why DOES it have a claw on the back of it? Also, it looks like it’s got some painted on rust and/or wear and tear. Most of the Imperium wouldn’t let the machine spirit get so upset with rust! So, based on the claw and the dirt, I’m guessing this one might have a darker intent.

The scale of this one is a little hard to tell, but since we’re guessing, I’m going to go with some type of Chaos Knight or Daemon Engine. After all, Vashtorr has been cooking things up with Abaddon. Who knows what they are truly up to…

There’s also the possibility that the Dark Mechanicus is gearing up to make a proper tabletop debut. But we’ve been hoping for them to show up for a while now. I suppose that’s why GW keeps teasing us with the possibilities.

Anyhow, between the Dark Mechanicus, Chaos Knights, Vashtorr’s Daemon Engines, and even all the chaos cybernetic enhancements, this could be a lot of things! I mean, I haven’t even scratched the surface on possible xenos options — although those are probably a lot more limited. But here’s where you come in! If you’ve got any theories or ideas on what this could be, drop us a line in the comments! We’re just as curious as you are in regards to this non-ankle bone.

What are the odds that this one could be a bionic leg for a new character?

Author: Adam Harrison
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