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Have a Pool Day With These D&D Accessories

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May 12 2024

It’s getting too darn hot and I need to find some water to throw myself into. But that doesn’t mean D&D is getting rescheduled.

We’re starting to get to that time of year when the air outside hurts our skin and sometimes the only way to deal with the heat is to throw yourself into the closest body of water. But why should a pool day interrupt your next all-day D&D session? Combine the two and have your next adventure from the comfort of a floaty with these accessories.

1. Floating Game Table

This accessory wasn’t made with tabletop gaming in mind, but we can make it work! The floating game table is meant for playing cards. Still, all of those same features make it great for D&D. Complete with cup holders, built-in dice trays, and a place to keep your spell cards, minis, pens, or whatever else you’ll need at the table, up to six people can comfortably hang out for as long as the adventure lasts.

2. Waterproof Character Sheet

One of the biggest obstacles between us and a water-based D&D session is the character sheets. Traditionally printed on paper, your sheet would dissolve if it got wet. And let’s be honest, it would get wet. Luckily, plastic character sheets are a thing! Usually, these are meant to be dry-erase solutions to constant erasure marks on paper sheets. But they work just as well in the pool.

3. Pool Time Dice

If your adventuring party is taking a dip, your dice should also look ready. Sure, rubber duckies are more of a bath-time staple than a pool-day one, but these guys look so cute and happy floating in the tiny little pools that they deserve to join the party. Of course, if rubber duckies aren’t your style, there is no end to the fun, themed dice and I’m sure you’ll find the summertime set of your dreams.

4. D&D Hat

Something I have to watch out for during a good pool day is sunburn. I’m about as pale as the paper my character sheet is printed on and I get about as red as the D&D logo in no time. Sunblock is a must. But hats really help, too. Between protecting the top of your head and face and keeping the sun out of your eyes, you’ll want a fun D&D hat for your pool day D&D adventure.

5. Dice Bathing Suit

And of course, you’ll need a new D&D-themed bathing suit for your pool-themed D&D session. This one is covered in various dice, which is perfect and on brand. And it comes in a pretty wide variety of sizes so everyone can play. What about swim trunks? You know I’ve got you covered.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to buy and install a new pool in our backyard.

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