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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Five Alternate Versions Of Characters We Want

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May 10 2024

It’s time to get weird with some of these alternate versions of characters from the comics in Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

There’s already quite the roster of characters in Marvel: Crisis Protocol and while we have a road map of what’s coming there’s always room for curveballs. These are the oddball alternate versions of characters we want to see.

Feral Wolverine

Wolverine is one of those characters that’s had loads of incarnations over the years. Now, if you know his history then you know about the “Feral” Wolverine. This is a post-adamantium removal by Magneto. It’s also a post-secondary mutation for Wolverine. He gets even more wild and berserker-like. He also loses his nose for some reason. I’m actually not a huge fan of the story lines that developed for him in this era. However, The fact that he’s got the bone claws and an unrestricted healing factor make this a weird enough spin that I could see him showing up in Marvel: Crisis Protocol as an alternate option.

Joe Fixit (Hulk)

You might be familiar with Grey Hulk. But what if he wore a pin-stripe suit and was basically a Gangster!? There’s a point in the Hulk’s past when this version of him shows up in Las Vegas and is basically a enforcer/tough guy for the various casinos. While he’s not as physically strong as the Hulk (the unleashed mean, green smashing machine) he’s a whole lot smarter. Furthermore, Joe Fixit is also more cunning and tricky as well as a bit more morally ambiguous. It would be a fun alternate version to explore. Plus, I kinda want a Hulk Miniature in a suit.


Are we counting clones as alternate versions of characters? Because let’s talk about Stryfe for a second. He’s the clone of Cable — but without the techno-organic virus in his body. Oh, and he was raised by Apocalypse it future, because, ya know…that’s how it works in comics. Oh and don’t think that it was just Apocalypse being nice. He fully planned on doing the ol’ body swap to the uber powerful Stryfe when the time was right.

Anyhow, imagine Cable with none of the limitations of the techno-virus in his body and none of the morals either. Eventually both Cable and Stryfe (from the future) ended up back in the 20th century (because comics). There’s loads of X-Force comic stories about those two duking it out. But anyhow, I’d just like to get Stryfe on the tabletop as a uber scary baddie in MCP. Maybe as a cosmic encounter?


Iron Fist (Orson Randall)

“But what if the Iron Fist had GUNS.” And yeah, this happened. Don’t let the Netflix show throw you off — the backstory of the Iron Fist has a lot more interesting stuff happen in it. One of those things is the fact that there were loads of Iron Fists before Danny Rand took up the mantle. One of them is Orson Randall. This uh…”alternate” Iron Fist was imbued with the power of the dragon in the pulp era of World War I and basically up to the 60’s. He does know Kung Fu, but also has a pair of .45s that he shoots chi bullets from. It’s silly when I type that out…but I’d 100% be here for it in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Six-Arm Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

This happened in the comics with Amazing Spider-Man #100. But I’ll be honest, the only reason I even knew this was a thing was because of the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon. It’s a whole thing where Spider-Man’s mutation starts to continue to change him. He grows four more arms and eventually turns into the Man-Spider. Anyhow, this image of Spider-Man with the torn suit and bear arms always stuck out to me. This is one version of Spider-Man I could totally see popping up in Marvel: Crisis Protocol!



There’s SO MANY more weird, alternate versions of Comic Book characters — which would you like to see in Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

Author: Adam Harrison
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