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MCDM’s ‘Where Evil Lives’ Brings Epic Boss Fights and Dark Dungeons to D&D Beyond

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May 15 2024

MCDM’s book of epic dungeons and deadly boss fights, Where Evil Lives, hits D&D Beyond in about two weeks.

You might have seen that MCDM’s big book of epic monsters, Flee, Mortals! hit D&D Beyond yesterday. With it, a bunch of new monsters with amped-up actions ready to take on a whole party. But what if you want some context for those monsters? What if you want a bunch of badass boss battles where the boss doesn’t just have epic abilities but also has a custom lair with lair actions, traps, and a whole dungeon to get through before the climactic campaign?

Well, you’re in luck. Because, as it happens, Flee, Mortals! companion piece, Where Evil Lives, also from MCDM, is hitting D&D Beyond on May 28th. Where Evil Lives is a book of 22 lairs and the monsters that live within them. There are ready-to-go encounters you can drop into any campaign, even your own. Especially your own.

All of which will give players a memorable fight. If you want to end things with a bang, Where Evil Lives might have what you’re looking for.

Where Evil Lives on D&D Beyond

The best dungeons have fun boss battles, exciting hazards, and, of course, awesome treasure. Where Evil Lives: The MCDM Book of Boss Battles has all that plus everything you need to run a lair out of the book in a moment’s notice. Use a dungeon when you have nothing else planned, or build an entire campaign that leads up to a climactic encounter in a lair!

From a cave full of goblins for level 2 characters to a high mage’s tower for level 20 characters, these lairs set the stage for epic encounters and give DMs everything they need to plan and run their session.

Within the lairs featured in this curated collection, DMs will find:

  • The hideout of a powerful, action-oriented creature (either a solo or leader creature role).
  • Plot hooks to draw the players into the adventure.
  • A map to provide a visual aid and help run combat and exploration.
  • Ready-to-run encounters with minions and monsters that are associated with the lair’s guardian.
  • New magic items and loot for the party to plunder

These 22 lairs are setting agnostic, can be dropped into any campaign, and can challenge parties ranging from level 2 to 20. So, whenever you’re in need of a dungeon with a big, bad boss, you can find the lair that suits your needs and run it as is or adjust it as you see fit!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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