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No Prep Needed With App-Assisted DM For ‘Pericle: Labyrinth’ and More Kickstarter Highlights

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May 1 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Neon Reign


Reign supreme in the card game Neon Reign, an arcade-style, head-to-head dueling game with a full solo mode. Defeat your opponent by playing cards that represent different moves and attacks, while setting yourself up with combos. Each card has its own abilities and strengths, so players must use wits and strategy to outsmart their opponent.

Dark Cities | Deluxe Editions


Open the pages of history and enter a world of mystery and betrayal…

Over the last 10 years around 50,000 backers have brought the Dark Cities Series to life. Each of these 20-40 minute tabletop games, disguised as books, includes elements of light strategy and social deduction. Each is a standalone game for up to 9 players, ready to be the hit at your next game night.

For the first time ever, we are releasing deluxe editions of Salem, Tortuga, and Deadwood and re-releasing deluxe editions of Bristol and Hollywood. Each game includes upgraded components and mini-expansions to enhance your experience. If you are new to the series, welcome aboard! If you are already part Of Our community, we have upgrade kits available to turn your standard editions deluxe.

Welcome to the Dark Cities.

Worlds at a Glance


Worlds at a Glance allows you to create thousands of unique shops and locations along with all the food, items, NPCs, weapons, side quests, rumors, and many other things your players might discover there. Mix and match description elements using our “Flowread Mechanic” for over 30 different locations and have everything you need ready in seconds!

From taverns and brothels to night markets and potion shops, everything your town or village needs is instantly accessible and customizable in Worlds at a Glance.

Pericle: Labyrinth


In our second Pericle tabletop RPG product and the first of its kind, embark on a perilous journey into the legendary Labyrinth of Porta, where daring adventurers face the ultimate test: a rite of passage by choice, not chance. Locked within its twisting corridors, you and your band of heroes must navigate a gauntlet of cunning traps and monstrous denizens. Amidst the dangers lies the promise of untold wealth, a tantalizing reward to beckon adventurers. 

PERICLE: LABYRINTH is a tabletop RPG led by a game master app, Loremaster. The action unfolds as Loremaster sets the scene, displays combat instructions, and controls enemy actions. Players battle with formidable foes on the tabletop with maps, dice, and standees. Traditional board game elements meet the ease of an app game master. No prep time needed before a session—set up is quick and easy, and everyone gets to play!


Epochs: Course of Cultures

Epochs: Course of Cultures is a 2-4 player 4X civilization game featuring realistic history across 3 epochs – ancient, medieval, and modern. In each game, you will strategically navigate diverse victory paths and your development pace based on factors such as terrain distribution, the strengths of your civilization, available inventions, and the strategies of your opponents. Seizing the right timing, planning your strategies, and engaging in diplomatic negotiations are all crucial elements of this game. As a leader, the fate of your civilization rests in your hands. Epark on the journey to lead your civilization toward greatness and prosperity. 

Author: Matt Sall
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