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Pre-Orders are Open for ‘Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition’

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May 2 2024

The second edition of the hit Star Trek RPG, Star Trek Adventures, opens up pre-orders today! Here’s what we know.

After a seven-year mission to explore space, the final frontier, Modiphius announced a new edition for Star Trek Adventures, the Star Trek RPG. That was earlier this year.

Now, the new edition looms closer at hand, with pre-orders opening today. Of course, this is a very long pre-order period since shipping isn’t expected until August of this year. But, all things considered, there have been longer waits for worse. The new edition promises to expand gameplay and refine character options.

It’s secretly an update to Modiphius’ 2d20 engine. Though, of course, a lot of the Trek-specific mechanics are getting some love. Shipbuilding (like, the starship kind, not the fanfiction kind, but hey, you never know) and long-term research, specifically, are called out in the update.

Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition Is Coming

With the opening of the pre-order page, we get a better glimpse into what the book holds in store. For this one, I’m most excited to see the non-Federation player options. In the announcement, Modiphius teased Klingon and Romulan options, but it goes even deeper, even opening up Cardassians so you can live out your fantasy of being a humble tailor, hopelessly infatuated with Star Trek’s sexiest doctor.

There’s no way they didn’t. I mean, come on.

Alongside these new options, the book will provide new starships and even new eras to play in, including both Strange New Worlds and Prodigy.

The 376-page, full-color, hardcover Star Trek Adventures Second Edition Core Rulebook contains:

A complete and updated version of the 2d20 System rules, designed for an authentic Star Trek experience.

An extensive primer on Star Trek, including details on a range of societies, worlds, species, and the scientific concepts that underpin this timeless universe.


14 player character species to choose from, including Andorian, Cardassian, Klingon, Orion, and Vulcan.

Guidelines for both novice and experienced gamemasters, offering advice on challenging your players with dramatic and thoughtful gameplay, unique to the Star Trek universe.

Game statistics and graphics for 15 playable starship classes, including Federation, Klingon, and Romulan vessels.

Dozens of non-player characters, starships, and creatures to populate your missions, including Federation, Klingon, Cardassian, and Dominion.

Historical excerpts, personal logs, and intercepted communications provide fresh perspectives and insights from across the Galaxy.


Created by an expert Star Trek development team, including a diverse mix of experienced and new artists, designers, editors, and writers.

These are the voyages of your ship, your crew. Live it together.

They’re aiming for a Gen Con release, with a new starter set coming not long after.

From the 21st through to the 32nd century, join Starfleet, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and countless other civilizations, and journey across the Star Trek universe with your crew. Explore strange new worlds, encounter fantastical alien life-forms, and engage in dramatic adventures in a detailed and immersive Galaxy.

Tell your stories and unravel the mysteries of the unknown!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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