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Quick Playing ‘A Gest of Robin Hood’ is Perfect For Getting Your Wargaming Fix

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May 5 2024

A Gest of Robin Hood is a tactical duel between the Sheriff of Nottingham and the eponymous Robin Hood, and it plays in about an hour.

Many wargames focus on some famous historical war. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can take head-to-head tactical combat and area control mechanics and replace all the dakka dakka with a little hey-nonny-nonny.

A Gest of Robin Hood Overview

In A Gest of Robin Hood, two players battle over Nottingham Shire. One player is the Sheriff of Nottingham and is trying to restore Order, while the other player is Robin Hood, pushing for Justice in the land. Various actions can cause the Royal Favor track to move towards Order or Justice. Once the game ends, whichever virtue has more favor wins!

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Each round begins with players determining Initiative. To do this, the first player chooses to perform a single plot, an event card, or plots & deeds. This order also determines who goes first in the next round, with the player token further to the left, getting to pick first in the next round.

Both players have their own set of plots and deeds, listed on their player board. Plots are more minor actions that are performed multiple times. They involve recruiting, moving, and attacking. Deeds are more meaningful actions and are more specific for each player. Most plots and deeds also require the player to play a few shillings.

Event cards have two main functions. They place carriages on the board, which are guided by the Sheriff player and oft robbed by the Robin Hood player. But they also allow the player who chose the Event action to determine which of the two effects resolve. Event cards will have one action favoring each side, but either player can choose either effect.

Once the final event card is drawn, King Richard has returned and players determine victory. If Justice reigns, Robin Hood is the winner! If Order prevails, the Sheriff of Nottingham is declared the victor!

Quick Review

A Gest of Robin Hood is quick enough to learn with enough strategic depth to keep even the most hardened of wargamers interested. In addition to this quick overview, players must also deal with dealing with uprising villages, robbing carriages, and battles between Merry Men and Henchmen.

It’s a game that has a light enough of the theme that it could absolutely be a great way to introduce wargaming concepts to a newer player.


Author: Matt Sall
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