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Take Your MTG Games to the Next Level With These Accessories

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May 8 2024

Magic games can have a lot to keep track of. These accessories will help keep the games moving and help you look good while doing it.

Ultimate Commander Zone MTG Mat

To be clear, this is not a playmat. Not really. This is a tracker mat. Up to 4 players can use their own quadrant of the mat to track everything, from poison counters, devotion, storm count, and more. Each space is about the size of a typical polyhedral die, allowing for each tracking of everything a Commander game might throw at you.

The centerpiece your commander table has been searching for! This Ultimate Commander Zone Mat was hand-designed (by me—a fellow EDH fanatic) with one goal in mind: make commander games less complicated. Track life totals manually or place a phone in the 7″ center space. The mat also tracks: Commander Damage, Commander Tax, Floating Mana, Poison, Energy, Storm Count, Devotion, Artifact Count, Graveyard Count, Clues, Treasure, Monarch, Day/Night, and a Misc space. Fits perfectly in the center of your commander table at 16″ (40½ CM) wide x 10″ (25½ CM) tall.

Sooez Heavy Duty MTG Deck Card Box with Dice Storage

Most deckboxes are simple enough. Holds your cards, keeps the safe, all fine and dandy. But if the last item was any indication, Magic is often more than just your cards. Many games also greatly benefit from dice and tokens. If you’re going to be transporting your deck, why not also bring along a few extra baubles to complete your deck? The Sooez Dekc Box comes with additional storage for a few extra dice and tokens or whatever else you might need.

The solid durable, injection-molded plastic shell is designed to store and protect 100+ double-sleeved standard-size trading cards and includes a spacious bottom compartment for dice, coins, or life counters. The unique snap-fit locking mechanism keeps your valuable cards and components securely stored. Collect them all.

MTG Counter Dice

Speaking of counters and tokens, many games could also benefit from more than just a spindown d20 for each player. These counter dice are designed to quickly show stat changes for your creatures. From -6/-6 to +6/+6 with a variety of different colors, so pick your favorite.

You might also see those flat metal tokens around sometimes, but in my experience, these work better since they are so much easier to see at a glance because they are colorful cubes instead of metallic flat tokens. Plus, the dice offer way more numeric options.

Total 48 pieces mtg counters with 2 flannel cloth bags. Includes 24 pieces -1~-6 dice counters & 24 pieces +1~+6 dice counters. There are 4 styles, as shown in the figure. They are 0.63 inch/ 16 mm regular D6 dice. The design of 2-Color Mixed are so different that this set of dice is particularly eye-catching. The dice set sparkle with gold powder. The mixed colors element makes each dice look unique.

Citadel Black Dry Erase MTG Tokens Set

I’m the sort of MTG player that likes janky decks that pop off like crazy only about 15% of the time. My win rate is awful, but I’m having a great time regardless. Many of my decks involve spawning a lot of creature tokens: saprolings, squirrels, goblins, myr, and whatever else. Swarm decks are fun, what can I say?

The idea of having dry-erase tokens that I can set up on the fly, set their power and toughness, and draw my own goofy art for is all I’ve ever wanted.


Want to simplify your gameplay? Prefer writing life points or notes? Feeling like doodling during your matches? The Citadel Black Dry Erase tokens were made just for you! Our erasable tokens are uniquely designed to work with our MTG metal tokens. The reversible side provides a clean slate to draw or write anything!

NOPE | Blue Magic | Island Mana Symbol T-Shirt

It’s all about the mind games. It’s about sending a message. You’ve got those islands untapped. You know who holds the real power during their turn. Let them know right from the start that you are the monster they make you out to be.

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Author: Matt Sall
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