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Warhammer 40K Hot Mess: Top 5 Chaos Marine Datasheet Nerfs

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May 14 2024

Goatboy here and we continue with Chaos Space Marine week with the top five changes to Datasheets that got nerfed in the new codex.

These are the most important CSM datasheets that got hit, and they will shift how you play this army up from the old Index rules.  Thankfully, the nerfs are not too brutal. While it can be sad to shift your army up, just know you got a buttload of cool new rules in the new codex to help make up for the mess left behind.

5. Abaddon, The Warmaster Weeps

Good ole Abbie lost all the Marks and is now sitting as an Undivided Lord of Destruction.  It does make me feel sad as, again, the old ways of joining a unit of Terminators and popping off the Nurgle Stratagem or just causing havoc with powerful Dark Pact rules is very hurtful of GW to do to us CSM veterans.  Abaddon did gain the ability to join Chosen, which grants him some fun Advance and Charge nonsense, so it isn’t all bad.  He just isn’t the crutch like he used to be.

4. Exalted Champion – Is Gone But Not Forgotten

Oh, how horrible it is to lose one of the few “extra” characters that could be added to units.  I barely got to use them as they were kind of expensive for the ability it granted – it still gave you a way to add in another Plasma Pistol/Combi-Weapon/2 Damage close combat weapon to one of the many squads it could join up.  You will be missed, you plastic champion of my heart.

3. Lord Discordant on Helstalker

Lord Discordant didn’t get any better, and while some Mounted options work – it just isn’t the model it used to be.  It is sad as we have a Detachment set up for it with the Warp Forged but it just doesn’t work at all.  It’s sad as I look and see three of them in my pile of stuff. May Vashtorr have pity on them for the 11th Edition CSM codex.

2. Venomcrawlers Only Like to Shoot

The Venomcrawlers used to get attacks for killing anything in any phase and now are just locked into the shooting phase.  It still isn’t a bad little kit, as they can be a nice little bump in the Warpforged Soulpack detachment and have a decent amount of wounds to attacks.  I wish they did a bit more or helped the old Casters like they did back in the day but I should stay happy with getting a new book.

1. Master of Possession – Now DOES Feel Pain

The reason why I put this here is that one of the more fun combos in the game of using the Master of Possession with any unit was just having a way to get 6+ Feel No Pain to whoever he is running with.  This model lost the Feel No Pain, which is a shame as while he can still be a character kill jerk with Precision shooting, he just doesn’t do a whole lot.  Hopefully, they drop the points on him in the future. But right now, I would most likely leave this guy sitting in your case.

Honorable Mention – Creepy Cultists

The Accursed Cultists have completely shifted in how they were built before.   They used to regenerate models, be a huge pain in the butt, and just hard to shift.  Now you can remove them pretty easily as they last Feel No Pain plus Regeneration.  Instead, they have some new horde moves to make them faster if you don’t completely kill the unit with shooting.  There might be an edge case for them just to clog up the board, but I get the feeling with Horde Orks coming, this unit might just stay hidden in a creepy box somewhere in your closet.

For the Warmaster!


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