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Warhammer: Games Workshop Annual Price Increase Strikes In June

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May 7 2024

The dreaded annual price increase is coming to Games Workshop products in June. Get your miniature kits now.

Games Workshop put out a statement that the annual price increase is coming in June. It’s a little over a month out as it kicks in on June 10th. On one hand this is never fun to see the price of things go up. On the other hand, GW was at least aware enough to warn everyone a month out. Here’s what they said.

via Warhammer Community

As you can see from the screen shot above there are rough numbers to take away from this one. Most prices will see an increase of 3%-5% based on the country. In Sweden and Norway, those prices will be closer to 8%-14%. One example that GW used was Necron Warriors going from $50 to $52. I’m betting you will see a similar price shift for lots of like minded products.

They also mentioned that this is forĀ some products, and not all. We’ve seen GW do staggered price increases in the past as opposed to blanked price jumps. We won’t know exactly what the new prices will be until after June 10th.

In the meantime, you’ve got roughly about a month to take advantage of the current pricing. If you’ve been planning out an army or been waiting to buy now is probably a better time vs later. But if you’re not it might be a good time to do some extra budgeting for your next big project from GW. This is especially true if you’re a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar player eyeing a new army. It might get more expensive in the new edition.


You might want to grab that Spearhead/Vanguard box now. There’s no confirmation on if these are going up in price in June.


The dread pricing increase strikes again!

Author: Adam Harrison
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