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Warhammer Next Week: Chaos Space Marines

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May 5 2024
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Hope you like spikes with your skulls and power armor—next week is all about the Chaos Space Marines. Come take a look.

Some people just want to watch the galaxy burn. And those people are all mutants, heretics, and probably also daemons in the service of the Chaos gods. The most powerful of them are the corrupted beings known as the Heretical Astartes. These superhumans have given over the Emperor’s gifts to the dark powers and woe befall any who get in their way.

At least if their Codex is any good. Chaos players have been chasing the high of the 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines codex for 25 years now. But here’s hoping the new one, even if it doesn’t hit those heights, still leaves Chaos players satisfied. The new codex and a bunch of new minis are out as part of next week’s pre-orders!

Chaos Space Marines – Spikes, Skulls, and Mutations Abound

First up the Chaos Space Marines Codex. This has everything you need to run your CSM army. 48 datasheets, updated lore, and “substantial Crusade rules” abound in the new book.

But the real exciting stuff is all the wonderful toys you’ll get to play with. A gorgeous new batch of minis is here, starting in the new Veterans of the Long War Battleforce box.

In VotLW you’ll find the new Chaos Lord on Foot leading 5 Possessed, 5 Chosen, 10 Chaos Terminators, and 10 Chaos Space Marines.


Want even more? Check out the Dread Talons Battleforce box. Here you’ll find the Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, as well as a Daemon Prince, 5 Dark Commune, 8 Accursed Cultists, 10 Chaos Cultists, and 10 Chaos Space Marine Raptors which can also be Warp Talons.

In the Chaps Space Marine Combat Patrol box you’ll find 10 Cultists, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 5 Possessed, and a Master of Possession.

And available all on his own is the Cultist Firebrand, who makes your Cultists arguably better.


T’au and Ork Made to Order

Of course, it’s not just Chaos next week. The T’au Empire might have moved on to a new sphere of expansion, but T’au and Ork players will be able to pick up some classic kits made to order.

The T’au can pick up Aun’va in Resin, Aun’shi in metal, and Commander Longstrike himself. So whether you want a space pope, a battle pope, or a tank… guy (he’s not a pope) you’ll be able to grab them, as well as the Tidewall Gunrig in plastic or a set of 12 resin Fire Warrior Shoulder Pads, Farsight edition.

Orks, on the other hand, evoke that classic Waaagh!!! with Boss Zagstrukk and Kaptrin Badrukk, both made out of resin.

Both sets of made to order minis are available starting Saturday May 11th, through Sunday May 19th.

All this, next week!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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