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5E Compatible RPG Round Up- ‘Frostlands of Fenrilk,’ ‘Blood & Ink,’ and More

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Jun 7 2024

Tattoo Magic, ‘The Mists of Algos’ and ‘Prisoners of Paradise’ are in this week’s 5e Compatible RPG Roundup.

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Frostlands of Fenrilik

Adventure Awaits in the Frozen North
Frostlands of Fenrilik is an expansion for Scarred Lands 5e OGL that explores the frozen continent of Fenrilik. Known as the Roof of the World, Fenrilik is a massive frozen tundra filled with unique creatures, dangerous weather and deadly Titanspawn.

This book is created through the Slarecian Vault Community Content program and is designed to not only permit your party to take their adventures to Fenrilik, but also to allow you to create your own Fenrilik content for release via the Slarecian Vault!

Frostlands of Fenrilik includes:

  • Information on the history, geography, civilizations and religions of Fenrilik
  • New rules for travel and survival in the arctic wastes
  • New player options including 3 new races, 4 new subclasses, and 8 new spells
  • Over a dozen new monsters, and guidelines for creating more
  • An introductory adventure designed to take a party from levels 1-3

Prisoners of Paradise

In orbit around the recreation planet of Oumlen IV, the heroes find themselves wrongfully accused and sentenced to Edalisse, the planet’s prison moon.

An Initiate Tier adventure for 1st through 4th-level characters.

The Mists of Algos

A band of pirates calling themselves the Bloodsail Brigands recently raided the small orc village of Skrakolfeld in the middle of the night and made off with a month’s harvest of evergreen.
One of the pirates was captured by the village militia and compelled to reveal that the band operates out of a small cove on the northern end of the island of Algos. The Alchemist Gurlag needs adventurers to retrieve his supplies and is willing to pay handsomely.

The Mists of Algos is a 5e adventure for 4-6 characters of approximately 3rd level. This adventure is set on the coast of the Blood Sea in eastern Ghelspad.

Hope and Despair are Both Stars

A Scarred Lands Adventure for 4-6 players of APL 6-9
Political factions threaten to destroy an orc trading caravan and the fate of the Shumosh wolf-riders may be determined over a celebratory hearth. Tradition has guided the caravan for decades, though the younger generation struggles against its constraints, and something altogether more insidious may be at work.
A Vengeance of the Shunned Side Quest
Hope and Despair are Both Stars is a side quest that can be played standalone or used with the Vengeance of the Shunned campaign. Over 20 community content creators have banded together to bring a full-length campaign to the Slarecian Vault! Vengeance of the Shunned takes your adventurers across Ghelspad on a quest to end the greatest threat to the world since the Titanswar! This campaign offers adventures from levels 1-15, and will be releasing new content weekly ALL SUMMER LONG!


Hope and Despair are Both Stars contains:

  • An adventure set in the Plains of Lede
  • A distinct opportunity to shape the future of the Shumosh Orc tribe
  • Bizarre wild magic effects near the tribe’s caravan
  • Additional material for an ongoing campaign coordinated by Scarred Lands Line Developer Travis Legge.
  • Expand YOUR quest across Ghelspad TODAY with Hope and Despair are Both Stars

Vengeance of the Shunned continues with The Queen’s Gambit by Emilie Gunderson coming next week to Slarecian Vault!

Blood & Ink: Tattoo Magic

Blood & Ink: Tattoo Magic is a system and setting enhancement for use with Scarred Lands 5e.

The Scarred Lands Player’s Guide introduces the concept of tattoo magic, giving the heroes of Ghelspad another method of arming themselves for the trials of adventuring in the war-torn world of Scarn. This supplement is intended to expand upon the concepts presented in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide, giving access to a wider array of tools for players and GMs to utilize while bringing this unique form of magic into your stories.

Within these pages you will find:

  • College of the Needles: a new Bardic College focused on creating magical art & tattoos.
  • Magic Items: twelve new Magic Tattoos and eight variations of the Titan Blood potion.
  • Expanded Ink: rules for mixing titan blood into tattoo ink are included for those who wish to bind the power of the Titans into their very flesh.
  • Includes a full color pdf and a black and white print-friendly version

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